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Manager of the Season

The lucky winner of The Manager of the Season is ....Allan Ricardo Taylor

Disclaimer : Right, well okay although Titty didn't actually win ANYTHING this season, he did actually show probably the most consistent form, reaching the semi-final in both The Cartel Cup and The FF Cup (sponsored by The Echo). Although Allan's form dipped alarmingly in The League Cup where he only managed to finish as a Liberal Democrat in 4th position, he can surely be allowed one slight anomaly especially when one consider's his League form. In this, the most important of all the competetions, he was consistently in the top three throughout the season and indeed, was only just pipped to the post in the final week of the season (by me ha ha ha!). So, breaking the traditions of the ridiculous FA, I have a mind of my own and it's not simply the winner of The League who wins The Manager of the Season also - but the best performer overall. Congratulations to Titty. Even though he's never ever won this super little league :-)

Okay Okay, I admit it. What I really did was went through all The-Manager's-of-the-Month's and counted up who had won it most. Trouble was I just jotted down initials, and AT was the only one that showed up more than once. The thing is, I didn't realise until it was too late that one of those was indeed Allan Taylor, but one was Anthea Turner. So really Allan, you should share something with Anthea, no? I'll leave it up to you what.

Thanks and Poppies to all those who made the effort to vote, V-signs and brambles to those who just couldn't be arsed.

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