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Perusing The Echo Archives online has inspired me into this page I am afraid to say. I had forgotten how much fun (?) The Manager of the Month award could be. Although, I seem to remember it only actually lasted one season. Could this be cos I ran out of pathetic 2 pound prizes, the fact that we scrapped the entrance fees or just becasue I actually realised that no-one actually ever paid any attention to it and I was wasting my time ? Is anyone paying attention now?

What I DO remember is that I managed to give the award to every manager in the league that season, except myself. Something about ethics in there somewhere. Even though I actually deserved to win it every month.

So, the bottom line is (as Paul Burke would say) that The Manager of the Month award has been reborn. If nothing else it will give Stephen some ammunition for some new , pathetic quotes in the next edition of The Echo (out before Christmas, I hear).

Don't you just LOVE these colours?


So who IS the lucky manager then ....... ?

And the Manager of October is....: right here on this link
And the Manager of November is....: a complete pillock
And the Manager of December is....: probably very happy
AND the Manager of January is....: not announced yet
Duh, February blah blah blah...: is a very cold month you know
Ugh, the Manager of March is...: voted by proxy
The April Fool is . . : without White Rabbit
The Manager of THE SEASON is : yet to be announced ?

Here you go then , this is the current prize on offer, all winners please step forward. Well come on!!

It's dinner with this fine figure of a man, and if you're big enough to sing 'Who ate all the pies' to him over your meal then you get an extra 50 pence transfer money. Oh and if you can out-eat him I'll let you go out with my hamster.

"Who's got my bloody belt ?"

So who will it be next month ????? More to the point, who wants to be?

Christopher Biggins

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