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Okay good. All 3 votes are in now so I can safely announce The Manager of the Month for November. What an overwhelming response that was. I bloody knew it would be. Anyway, thanks very much to those people who bothered to vote, especially those that did it properly, more especially to the non-managers of the league (YOU know who you are) but not at all to those who voted via e-mail to Royalff for themselves or when they could have done it from home - PROPERLY.

So who got the most votes? Well, I am not at liberty to divulge that information, its secret, but I can tell you who the winner of this coveted award is. It was going to be Smithy for a while you know, cos he was the only one who was using the guestbook, but Jock overtook him recently with a barrage of entries. Jock also made 7 team changes (although strictly speaking this took effect in December - but who's checking) and he was the only Manager who took the time to vote PROPERLY. Do you know who he voted for? Janet. Typical. I won't tell you his reasons. Actually I will. He said she was the best Manager in the League. But anyway, despite him voting for Jan, Jock is awarded the Manager of the Month for November, not for any footballing reason or any of the reason's above, but purely because we can't wait to see him fill up the guestbook with thanks for the honour this has given him and his family. Or something. Well done Mr Ramsay, don't forget to collect your prize!

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You can ignore all the below now, voting has closed this month.

Okay, rather than rely on me I thought you lot could vote. Hmmm, I tried to do this once before, and no-one could be arsed to respond. However, I'll give it another go and I've tried to make it as easy as possible for you...

So give it a go, and vote now for your choice of November's Manager of the Month. Anyone is eligible to vote, even casual browsers of this page, so go ahead and do it. The only rules are you're not allowed to vote for yourself (you'll be docked 10 points if you do Titty), and Kimm you're not allowed to vote for Stephen. Closing date is 15th December (2010).

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