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Top PermTop GoalieInjured Captain Oh shutup Allan Top DefenderTop StrikerHey Look Jock - it's the World Cup!
Christmas party embarrassment. At least we were there though eh AT? Click for a decent viewing.

Andrew and Steve Wright - top electrician Linzi and Mr Miller Jan, Si (stupid face) and Hilly Mr Smith and his excellent wifey Mr Jock McRamsay and Mrs Jock McRamsay
Spot who went home early and who didn't turn up at all - without mentioning names Lisa
Linzi with Mr Webb. Who's changing seats? Peepo! Ex-Royal Managers Fred and John oblivious to Simon once again Iolanthe Miller complete with girls drink and ketchup There's no escape for that chicken, not with top Group4 security guard, Graham William Robinson It's Andy again, with Adrian and Mavis