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Willy told me that his team was going to win the title. He did, you know. Here you go Steve he said. Here's the team that's going to win the title. Not likely I replied, and do you know what? I was right ! For once.


And the Wanderers currently consist of :

Given (NEW) 3m

Ball (EVE) 2.8m
Schnoor (DER) 2.8m

Hiden (LEE) 3.4m
Lebouef (CHE) 4.2m

Overmars (ARS) 5.6m
Scholes (MAN) 5.5m
McManagit (LIV) 5.5m
Keane (MAN) 4.4m

Yorke (AST) 8.3m
Fowler (LIV) 9.4m

Slightly too many Man Utd players in there as well. Think you should clear them out Willy.