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There was a load of crap here about Smiff being too cheap to buy the Times, and how he hasn't made any team changes cos he thinks they still cost him money. But Netscape lost it all and I can't be bothered to type it all out again. Though you at least know the general direction now.

The Cartoons Kick Ass team is :

Martyn (LEE) 3.1m

Winterburn (ARS) 4.2m
Watson (NEW) 3.4m

Wetherall (LEE) 3.6m
Adams (ARS) 4.4m

DiMatteo (CHE) 4.4m
Petrescu (CHE) 4.3m
Ince (LIV) 4.5m
Merson (MID) 4.7m

Wright (WES) 7.8m
Owen (LIV) 10.5m

Total 54.9m