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  • Simon's made a million transfers this season. fowlers been dropped more times than he has in real life, although for much the same reasons, and don't ask what he thinks of McManaman. I'm not even sure if his team is correct. Exciting isn't it ?

Top quality througout the team, except a couple of crap midfielders.

Seaman (ARS)

Winterburn (ARS)
Babayaro (CHE)

Lebouef (CHE)
Unsworth (EVE)

Berger (LIV)
Kewell (LEE)
Ginola (TOT)
Carbone (SHE)

Hasselbank (LEE)
Riedle (LIV)

Total - Er, God knows, but I'm sure it's under 55m.

And Simes has made 15 transfers