Jocko's modern team
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Caledonian Fickwots

Jock spent the first year of this season, firmly anchored to the foot of the league. Well, actually, he spent the first few weeks without a team, but once he submitted a team, that made the foot of the table their home.

Now, it appears that they may be moving clear ! They've made a heckuva lot of ground up in the last few weeks, and should soon be scrapping it for sixth with the rest of us.

So, he's decided to go in for wholesale team changes. In an unprecedented move, partly fuelled by the assumption that he was allowed unlimited team changes, he's changed seven players in his team, and it's taken me the best art of a fortnight to work out exactly what he's doing.

Meddling on this scale will result in disaster, mark my words.

The team

Myhre (EVE) 2.6m

Ball (EVE) 2.8m
Winterburn (ARS) 4.2m

LeBouef (CHE) 4.2m
Ehiogu (AST) 3.7m

Poyet (CHE) 4.9m
Redknapp (LIV) 4.2m
Whelan (COV) 4.4m
Berkovic (WES) 4.8m

Bergkamp (ARS) 9.1m
Dublin (COV) 7.9m

Total 52.8m

The great purge sees Jock releasing : Sullivan, Guppy,
McAteer, Elliott, Overmars, Baiano & Flo