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  • Only joking Janet. We're sure this is your team. After all, Billy would never go through the season only making one transfer. Nor would he leave 5 million unspent. Honestly.

So here's Janet's inspirational team. Did I mention the only reason she has any points at all is cos she's got a Man Utd player, the traitor.

Hedman (COV) 2.6m

Nilsson (COV) 2.9m
Harte (LEE) 3.4m

Elliott (LEI) 3,9m
Walsh (LEI) 3.3m

Overmars (ARS) 5.6m
Speed (NEW) 4.3m
Petit (ARS) 4.4m
Gillespie (NEW) 4.3m

Yorke (AST) 8.3m
Wright (WES) 7.8m

Total - Er, 50.8m.

You don't get extra points for saving money you know. This isn't home economics.

And Janet has made 1 (one) transfer