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Andy's not had much of a season so far. His team was late, he's had to swap goalies cos his first one was crap,he's got Owen & Shearer, who can't be arsed this year, and to make it worse, the headlights on his car are pointing god knows where.


The gruesome details

Andy's team currently consists of

Myhre (EVE) 2.6m

Wright (AST) 3.7m
Hinchcliffe (SHE) 3.2m

Pallister (MID) 3.2m
Unsworth (EVE) 3.1m

Petit (ARS) 4.4m
Overmars (ARS) 5.6m
Izzet (LEI) 3.8m
Ginola (TOT) 4.8m

Owen (LIV) 10.5m
Shearer (NEW) 10.1m

Total spend - ????m

Andy has made seven transfers so far this season.