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Look Allan. Here's your team.
And before you start moaning about how it's got the wrong goalkeeper, find us an email where you swapped Martyn for Seaman. You can't, cos there isn't one, so there.
And if you keep moaning, we're going to dock you points.

Here's Titty's Championship team.

Martyn (LEE) 3.1m

Irwin (SKY) 4.3m
Ball (EVE) 2.8m

Ehiogu (AST) 3.7m
Desailly (CHE) 3.8m

Beckham (SKY) 5.9m
Bowyer (LEE) 3.9m
Ginola (TOT) 4.8m
Whelan (COV) 4.4m

Yorke (AST) 8.3m
Dublin (COV) 7.9m

As you can see, AT effectively has three scummers in his team, and has got to the top of the league whilst making only 8 transfers, not including the Seaman / Martyn one that he never made.