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A-hem. Completely mentally, but with purpose it has been decided that all the teams in PASSJAMS this year (plus 3 guest teams) will enter TWO Cup tournament's under different codes to settle a long running argument on which is the better (though we already know that of course). Teams from PASSJAMS will compete against teams from The Large Banana run by Paul Oxley, first in The Service Outage Cup here under PASSJAMS rules and ALSO in the mirror of this tournament in The Whistling Canary Cup under Large Banana Rules. So, without further a-do here is the first round, the 3 'new' teams are managed by Alan Ferris, Douglas Arthur Newton and Anthony King. Who will be the ultimate winner?

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Draw for the first round, played 18th December 1999.

               PASSJAMS TEAMS                        LARGE BANANA TEAMS
               """"""""""""""                        """"""""""""""""""

               Athletico Denmark      7   v   -1     Man's Utd.
               Allan Taylor                          Paul Oxley

               H Drive Porn Vale     -1   v    6     Mooks Stupid Name
               Alan Ferris                           Graham Kay

               The Driver Jesters     2   v    0     Lazy Beggars
               Ian Willets                           Alan Ferris

               Deacon Chumps          4   v    9     Bloomers Belles
               Paul Oxley                            Chris Blomfield

               The 47 Ronin           0   v    2     Would you like some town?
               Paul Smith                            Jason D'Arcy

               Nelson Mandella        5   v    7     You're bad and you know you are
               Douglas Newton                        David Peake

               Late Entry            14   v   13     Copra Cobana
               Chris Fraser                          Barry Laker

               Sweaty Socks II        5   v   -1     Hoops Heroes
               Jock McRamsay                         Timothy Mitchell

               One Chop n Ten Chips  12   v   11     Winnie Mandella XI
               Janet Walker                          Douglas Newton

               Aston Miller           8   v   16     Coming Up Trumps
               Jason D'Arcy                          Paul Owttrim

               Worthing Originals     5   v    2     Doctor Doctor's
               Chris Blomfield                       Dan Wooton

               Nottingham Forehead    0   v    1     Rampant FC
               Tony King                             Steve Snow

               Costermongers         11   v    8     The Michael Hunters 
               Andrew Cheal                          Anthony King

               Chronic Town           5   v    6     Boating Lake
               Steve Miller                          Alan Thin Hobbs

               Mickey Mouse           5   v   25     Smith you silly fool 
               Davor Paton                           Malcom Blick

               Falls to Climb        13   v    6     Newark Wilder
               Simon Webb                            Steve Miller

Draw for the second round, played 3rd/4th January 2000

Cunningly, 8 teams from PASSJAMS and the same from The Pointless Banana went through to
round 2, so it was possible to seed the teams so PASSJAMS teams were all drawn against
The Useless Banana League. Draw took place at FF Headquarters on 22nd Dec, and panned 
out as follows. Date will be announced in due course, we're waiting for the ridiculous
and utterly luckless Banana League to catch up. Never likely to happen that, is it?

               PASSJAMS TEAMS                        LARGE BANANA TEAMS
               """"""""""""""                        """"""""""""""""""

               Wothing Originals      15  v    9     Would You Like Some Town
               Christopher Blomfield                 Jason D'arcy

               The Driver Jesters     -3  v    6     Bloomers Belles
               Ian Willets                           Christopher Blomfield

               Athletico Denmark       8  v    2     Rampant MF
               Titty Taylor                          Steve Snow

               Sweaty Socks II         6  v   10     Smith you silly fool
               Jock Ramsay                           Malcolm Blick

               Costermongers           5  v   11     Boating Lake
               Andy Cheal                            Alain Hobbs

               Falls to Climb          8  v    7     Coming up Trumps
               Simon Webb                            Paul Owttrim

               One Chop n loadsathat   2  v    7     You're bad and you know you are
               Janet Walker                          David Peake

               Late Entry              5  v    3     Mooks Stupid Name
               Chris Fraser                          Kraham Gay

Draw for the quarter final, played 12-14th February

Once again, it's half PASSJAMS and half Banana. Quality.

Draw took place live at FF HQ, evening of 11th January.

               PASSJAMS TEAMS                        LARGE BANANA TEAMS
               """"""""""""""                        """"""""""""""""""

               Worthing Originals     3  v   8       You're Bad and you know you are
               Christopher Blomfield                 David Peake

               Falls to Climb        20  v  12       Bloomers Belles
               Simon Webb                            Christopher Blomfield

               Late Entry            -1  v  11       Smith you silly fool
               Chris Fraser                          Malcolm Blick

               Athletico Denmark      6  v  13       Boating Lake
               Alain Taylor                          Alain Hobbs

Draw for the semi-finals, to be played 26-28th February

Tragically, only one PASSJAMS team remains. Fortunately, it's mine. So the
draw this time round, is completely random and panned out as follows.....

Draw took place live at FF HQ, evening of 15th February.

               Falls To Climb        6   v    11     You're Bad and you know you are
               Simon Webb                            David Peake

               Smith you silly fool  25  v     6     Boating Lake
               Malcolm Blick                         Alain Hobbs

The Grand Final, to be played 11-13th March

Bollocks. Both teams are from The Banana. So be it....

               Smith you Silly Fool   3   v   5    You're Bad and you know you are
               Malcolm Blick                       David Peake

So the pretender to the French Throne, Davor Peake, wins the first ever (and probably ONLY)
Service Outage Cup (sponsored by CICl4SZ, CICSLSL, IMS1 etc...) There's a picture of his
trophy below, we might even get one of him with it soon. It's OVER - at last.

These are the three guest teams players;

Douglas - Flowers/Watson,Atherton/Wetherall,Hreidesson/Morris,Dominguez,Euell,Johnson/Ferguson,Rousell
Mr Ferris - VanDerGouw/Kimble,Charles/Hogh,Shaw/Xavier,Bakke,Butt,Foe/Soskjaer,Booth
Slope - Harper/Schnoor,Tessem/Silvestre,Scales/S.Hughes,Savage,Alexanderson,Roy/Mills,Gallacher

See how you're doing in The Whistling Canary Cup over at the Large Banana