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Meet The Class of 99.

Alphabetically, here are this year's contenders in The famous PASSJAMS League.
Click on the image for a larger (or in Ox's case smaller) image, and maybe a surprise!
Don't click on Dave though, whatever you do. :-)

Hans Gilbert, Worthing Originals Passjams Andrew Cheal, Costermongers
Name: Chris Blomfield
Age: 30+
Team: Worthing Originals
Occupation: Senior Aggravator
Nickname: Clive H.G.Anderson
Back Home Name: Andrew Cheal
Age: 40
Team: Costermongers
Occupation: Barrow Boy
Nickname: The Vego Kid
Jason D'Arcy, Aston Miller Chris Fraser, Late Entry Steve Miller, Chronic Town
Name: Jason D'Arcy
Age: 84
Team: Aston Miller
Occupation: Newsreader
Nickname: Ridiculous
Name: Christian Fraser
Age: 25
Team: Late Entry
Occupation: D.J.
Nickname: Frantic
Name: Stephen Miller
Age 29
Team: Chronic Town
Occupation: Lead Guitarist
Nickname: Serial
Deacon Oxley, Paul Chumps Dave Paton, Mickey Mouse Steve Ramsay, Sweaty Sox II
Name: Paul Oxley
Age: 33
Team: Deacon Chumps
Occupation: Newsagent
Nickname: Norman
Name: Dave Paton
Age: 36
Team: Mickey Mouse
Occupation: Debt Collector
Nickname: Trigger
Name: Steve Ramsay
Age: 30's
Team: Sweaty Sox Part Deux
Occupation: Student
Nickname: Jock
Paul Smith, The 47 Ronin Allan Taylor, Athletico Denmark Janet Walker, Chick City
Name: Paul Smith
Age 33
Team: The 47 Ronin
Occupation: Carpenter
Nickname: Pueblo
Name: Allan Richard Taylor
Age: 11
Team: Athletico Denmark
Occupation: SuperHero
Nickname: Titty
Name: Janet Walker
Age: 29
Team: One Chop 'n' 10 Chips
Occupation: Astronaut
Nickname: JCB (Digger)
Simon Webb, Falls To Climb The Mighty Reds Ian Willets, The Driver Jesters
Name: Simon Webb
Age: 29 (counting backwards now)
Team: Falls To Climb
Occupation: Child
Nickname: Webster
League Champions a record 18 times Name: Ian Willets
Age 18
Team: The Driver Jesters
Occupation: Cleaner
Nickname: Willy