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Manager of the month for November!

9 votes received, here's how it went....

Jock  (1) -  Voted for by Miller cos he's his mate.
Simon (2) -  Voted for by Davor and Bloomers (the latter foolishly thinking it
             would buy him points).
Janet (3) -  Voted for by Frantic, Smithy and Ox. For purely football reasons.
Smith (1) -  Voted for by Andy for Smithies unrivalled loyalty to Pressman.
Willy (1) -  Voted for by Titty. Why do we call him Titty?
Titty (1) -  Voted for by Simon cos he thought it would encourage him to go
             to the Christmas party.

Did not vote - Jason, Jock, Janet and Willy who all generously contribute 0.5m
each to Janet's budget. Next month if you don't vote you might not qualify to 
win the coveted award, especially if it favours me in any way.

So Jan, is Man, of the month for November. 

Manager of the Month Hub