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Manager of the month for March!

Here's hot the voting went; Manager's voted for along
the bottom, those who voted for them in the graph.
Well done Allan, again. This really is becoming like
the 'Employee of the Month' award where we all just 
repetitively voted for you to show just what a waste 
of time it was....

3 |     SW
2 |     AC  JD
1 | CB  SM  PO  PS  CF  AT  DP
  | SM  AT  CF  IW  JD  CB  PO  

Did not vote :

Willy, Janet, Jock.

As stated on the news page each of these managers had
a random player suspended from their squad until the 
end of the season. This is who got randomly selected:

Janet : Baarsden
Willy : Lyttle
Jock  : Draper

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