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Manager of the month for January!

12 votes received, 92.3% return - COME ON JOCK

Hans Gilbert  (3) -  Voted for by Frantic, Lips 'D', Arthur Oxley 
Cheesemaster  (3) -  Voted for by Windy, Willy, Davorious 
Jock Abstains (1) -  Voted for by Tight Bastard 
Frantic Fringe(1) -  Voted for by Hans Gil'bert (very dubious)
Titty Taylor  (3) -  Voted for by Jan, Cheese, Vegokid.
Windy Miller  (1) -  Voted for by Titty

It's a TIE !!

Did not vote - 

Jock. WHAT a surprise. However I DID talk to him on ICQ and I'm 
certain he said he would have voted for Titty so he's Manager of
the Month for January, albeit by default. And anyway, Boogers and
Frantic voted for each other and I suspect a conspiracy. 

0.5m Happy Valentine to Allan from Jock.  Bye. 

Oh yeah well done Allan. 

Manager of the Month Hub