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Manager of the month for February!

Pretty poor effort - only 7 votes. I put it down to no-one reading
the News Page. Or if you are, you're just not interested. Correct?

So anyway, a 54% return, turned out like this:

Bloomers  (1) - Voted for by Lips D'Arcy.
Webster   (1) - Voted for by Frantic the Fringe.
Vego Kid  (1) - Voted for by Titty (something to do with bonuses in
                wrong pay packets Andy??
Titty     (3) - Voted for by Webster, Bloomers and Windy-Miller.
Davorious (1) - Voted for by the minute Ox.

So a world record 3m is awarded to Titty, courtesy of Willy, Andy,
Smith, Jan, Jock and Davor. It's the second month in a row Titty
has won the award, an no-one knows why. This is getting like the
Employee of the Month award we had at the Royal one time. It might
be the first time anyone's done a back-to-back Manager of the Month

Cheerio now.

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