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Manager of the month for December!

12 votes received, 92.3% return - a NEW record! Here's how it went....

Simon (4) -  Voted for by Davor, Bloomers (trying to buy points AGAIN), 
             Andy and Frantic.
Andy  (6) -  Voted for by Webster, Ox, Windy, Titty, Willy, Schmidt. 
Janet (1) -  Voted for by Lips D'Arcy (she HATES you Jason).
Titty (1) -  Voted for by Janet. Blimey, Jan actually makes an effort to vote.

Did not vote - Just one this month, Jock, who duly hands 0.5m over to Andy. Not
the first time money has exchanged those two well-oiled hands, I suspect (don't
actually know what that means but it sounded good). 

So Andy is Manager of the month for December. Presumably for storming to the top-
top-top of the league and into the FF Cup Semi-Finals. Looks like this award
mirrors the Premiership one then, and acts as a curse.  

Next month - Anyone voting for Janet will be fined 1m, unless by that stage
she actually deserve's it. 

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