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The 1999 Cartel Cup. It's free for everyone. To refresh on the
history have a click on the gleaming trophy.

Round 1 Preliminary

Results shock, played 25-27th September.

Late Entry 7 v 0 One Chop 'n Ten Chips Aston Miller 12 v 7 Worthing Originals The 47 Ronin 8 v 16 Deacon Chumps Sweaty Socks II 4 v 3 Costermongers Chronic Town 9 v 7 Falls to Climb Received a bye : The Driver Jesters (as champions) Athletico Denmark (as tosser's) Mickey Mouse (he cheated) So Jock edged Andy out by virtue of the home point rule. Miller kicks fellow (sole) administrator Webb from Cup. And Janet doesn't score any points at all.

Round 1 Proper

Drawn at random, here are the results from ties played, 2-4th October.

Chronic Town 7 v 2 The Driver Jesters Deacon Chumps 28 v 2 Late Entry Mickey Mouse -3 v 3 Sweaty Socks Part Deux Aston Miller 19 v -3 Athletico Denmark So the all Scottish tie of Trigger vs Jock produced a hatfull of goals then!


Drawn at random, here are the ties played 23-26th October.

Chronic Town 10 v 11 Aston Miller Deacon Chumps 3 v 5 Sweaty Socks So somehow Jock, despite having a crap team has got all the way to the final. Can he win his first trophy in 6 years???


Played, 30th October.

Aston Miller (JD)    12     v    16    Sweaty Socks (SR)

So (drum roll) for his first EVER trophy, Steve Ramsay is
The Cartel Cup Winner of 1999/2000. Um, how did that happen?

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