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You probably didn't, but just incase you did, here's the bids I received for the auction, in the order I received them (probably).

Round One

Simon Webb!

GK - Seaman 4.1, De Goey 1.1

FB - Mills 1.5, Ziege 1.0, Winterburn 2.1

CB - SInclair 0.7, Carragher 0.8, S.Campbell 3.1

M - Anderton 2.1, Dyer 2.1, Poyet 7.7, Lampard 2.1, Rudi 0.9, SMicer
1.1, Hamman 1.2, Bowyer 5.1

S -  Fowler 21.1, Joachim 4.2, Carbone 1.5, Armstrong 1.5 

Paul Oxley

  DeGoey    (Che)   -  5.3
  James     (Vil)   -  1.1

  Harte     (Lee)   -  0.3
  Gray      (Sun)   -  1.5
  Ziege     (Mid)   -  4.0 

  Young     (Tot)   -  0.6
  LeBoeuf   (Che)   -  4.2     
  Hiden     (Lee)   -  0.6   

  Petit     (Ars)   -  1.3
  Di Matteo (Che)   -  2.0
  Poyet     (Che)   - 10.1
  Solano    (New)   -  2.1
  Bonnot    (Wat)   -  0.6
  Leonardsen(Tot)   -  2.0
  Jonk      (SW )   -  0.8
  Ginola    (Tot)   -  4.2
  Bridges   (Lee)   -  8.3
  Huckerby  (Lee)   -  4.3
  Suker     (Ars)   - 10.3
  Mooney    (Wat)   -  1.4

Lips D'Arcy


 E De Goey CHE 2 m
 N Marlyn  LEE 2 m


 A Ferrer CHE 3.1 m
 G Le Saux CHE 3.3m
 G Neville MAN 2.2m


 F Leboef CHE 2.6 m
 M Desailly CHE 3.1 m
 S Pearce WES 3.3 M


 D Petrescu CHE 3.7 m
 R Giggs MAN 3.7 m
 G Poyet CHE 6.1 m
 D Anderton TOT 3.7 m
 P Scholes MAN 2.1 m
 D Beckham MAN 6.6 m


S Cort WIM 2.2 m
D Yorke MAN 11.2 m
A Sherer NEW 4.1m


Jock McPaton

Webster, Here goes . . .

GOALKEEPER    -       N. MARTYN  5.5M
FULLBACKS     -       A. WRIGHT  4.5M
              -       A.FERRER   3M

C' BACKS      -       T.ADAMS       ARSENAL      6.5M
                      C.PERRY       SPURS        3M

MIDFIELD      -       J.COLLINS     EVERTON      4M
                      L'TISSIER     SO'TON       5M
                      D.WISE        CHELSEA      4M
                      D.GINOLA      SPURS        7.5M

STRIKERS      -       K. CAMPBELL   EVERTON      9M
                      D.DUBLIN      VILLA        8M

Andy Cheal

Team name = 2lb of lavlies

 I'm sure you'll alter this team name to something witty on your weekly
table update.
Ohhhh, we'd never do THAT! - Ed.
 GK Martyn         LEE     3.0
    Walker         TOT     1.3

 FB Dixon          ARS     4.2
    Ferrer         CHE     2.1
    Minto          WES     0.8

 CB Radebe         LEE     3.8
    Desailly       CHE     3.8
    Leboeuf        CHE     3.9
    Ferdinand      WES     1.4

 MD Petit          ARS     3.8
    Parlour        ARS     2.6
    Beagrie        BRA     1.3
    Poyet          CHE     4.5
    Bowyer         LEE     2.8
    Lampard        WES     2.0

 ST Fowler         LIV     9.7
    Ricard         MID     7.5
    Huckerby       COV     6.5

TOTAL =                   65.00

..........and then this...........


 Changed my mind over my team name. I now want to
 be known as COSTERMONGERS.

 Also, do I get an extra 5m for not picking any ManUwanK players?
 If so, my bid for Fowler is 14.7 m

 Kind regards,

A noble if failed attempt from Andrew

Iolanthe Miller

Here are the bids


Manninger ARS 2.8m


Harte LEE 4.3m
Dixon ARS 4.4m
LeSaux CHE 3.3m
Ball EVE 3.2m


Elliott LEI 3.8m
Calderwood AST 3.5m
southgate AST 3.9m
Keown ARS 4.8m


Kewell LEE 5.9m
Ince LIV 3.1m
Boateng COV 2.4m


Gayle WIM 4.2m
Sutton CHE 5.7m
Wright WES 4.1m
Dublin AST 5.6m

That closes the votes for the Northampton clueless jury.


Ian Willets


My first round bids are as follows : -

Goalkeeper - D.Seamen               bid 7.0 Million.
Goalkeeper - E.DeGoey               bid 0.8 Million
Full back  - S.Schnoor              bid 1.0 Million
Full back  - M.Gray                 bid 1.0 Million
Full back  - G LeSaux               bid 1.0 million
Centre back - J.Stam                bid 1.0 million
Centre back - T.Adams               bid 4.0 million
Centre back - F.LeBoeu              bid 1.0 million
Midfield    - G.Poyet               bid 7.9 million
Midfield    - P.Schole              bid 6.8 million
Midfield    - E.Petit               bid 5.0 million
Midfield    - R.Earle               bid 1.0 million
Midfield    - H.Kewell              bid 1.5 million
Striker     - R.Fowler              bid 12.0 million
Striker     - D.Yorke               bid 12.0 million
Striker     - H.Ricard              bid 2.0 million

Believe it or not...............that all adds up to 65 million.
Oh yes........................The team name is "The Driver Joiners"
(thinks about it !!). 

Cheers matey.....................Willy

Many thanks
If Willy thinks he's getting away with THAT team name, he can think again - Ed.

Allan Richard Taylor

GK  Martyn  5.1 million
GK  Manniger 1.5 million

FB   Irwin  3.5 million
FB   Harte 2 Million
FB   Ferrer 2 million
FB   Silivenho 3.1 million

CB  Stam  0.9 Million
CB  Perry  0.7 Million
CB  Radebe 2.2 Million
CB  Upson 0.9 Million

MF  Beckham  6 million
MF  Bowyer 2.4 Million
MF  Kewall  5 Million
MF  Sherwood 1.1 Million
MF   Petit 1.1 Million
MF   Poyet 6 Million

ST Iverson 4.5 Million
ST Dublin 4 Million
ST Bergkamp 7 Million
ST  Ricard  6 million

Med venlig hilsen
Titty, it's not clever to copy - Ed.

Hans Gilbert Bloomers

Here's my bids;

De Goey    1.2M

Unsworth   1.2M
Perry      0 .6M
Radebe     1.2M

Delaney    0.6M
Ziege      3.2M
Harte      2.2M

Beagrie    0.7M
Poyet      5.2M
McAllister 1.2M
Kewell     2.2M
Berger     1.2M
Lampard    5.2M
Sinclair   1.2M

Bergkamp   9.2M
Zola       9.2M
Fowler    10.3M
Owen       9.2M


Paul Smith


N.Martin        113     5.1
D.Seaman        102     6.7
I.Walker        128     0.6


L.Dixon         204     4.1
N.Winterburn    205     4.1


T.Adams 307     4.3
M.Keown 322     4.1


E.Petit         405     5.1
M.Overmars      406     5.1
O.Leonardson    529     2.8
D.Ginola        498     2.8


D.Bergkamp      606     10.1
N.Kanu          617     10.1

Jock McRamsay

Keeper: Seaman ARS 10m
FB's: Le Saux CHE 4m ; Winterburn ARS 6m
CB's: Keown ARS 4m ; Campbell TOT 4m
MID: Kewel LEE 4m ; Lampard WES 4m
   : Ginola TOT 5m ; Poyet CHE 8m
Strikers: Bergkamp ARS 10m ; 

dont know if i can bid for Robbie Keane, if so
then put me down for 6m, if not put it on Iversen

cheers matey,


Ps, Team name is - Sweaty Socks Part Deux

Needless to say, NO, he can't have Robbie Keane, nor for that matter could the other's who asked in Round 2 - Ed.

Janet "I'm a bird" Walker


I'm soooo sorry about missing the first round bids. I'll not bore you
with lame excuses. are my bids for the second round........early !!

An excerpt from Jan's second round e-mail, pitiful though it may be. Obviously you can't see the rest...yet

Round Two

Sighman Webb!

Hi Si!

Here's my 2nd round bids....

Westerveld 7.2m
Hislop     0.6m
Hedman     0.8m

Tarrico    4.2m
Heggem     2.8m

Ehiogu     3.4m

Kachloul   4.2m

Lots of Love - Simon

Naughty Willy


Bids for the second round are : -

GK - T.Hedman (Coventry) 1.0 million
GK - T.Flowers (Leicester) 1.5 million
FB - J.Edinburgh (Spurs) - 1.0 million
FB - S.Watson (Villa) - 0.8 million
FB - C.Flemming ('Boro) - 0.7 million
CB - U.Ehiogu (Villa) - 3.5 million
CB - R.Gough (Everton) - 2.0 million
CB - D.Richards (S'oton) - 2.0 million
MID - P.Vierra (Arsenal) - 5.5 million
MID - J.Redknapp (Liverpool) - 5 million
MID - P.Gascoigne ('Boro) - 2.1 million
STR - E.Heskey (Leicester) - 8 million
STR - D.Fergusson (Newcastle) - 5 million
STR - N.Quinn (Sunderland) - 1.7 million
STR - R.Keane (Coventry) - 3.4 million

I know Keane isn't on the original lists , but is it possible to sign
him anyway ??
Oh go on.....pretty please , it will ease the pain of my team losing
him !!

Oh yeah.....All that adds up to 43.2 million.


Another Robbie Keane fan, just what IS it with this kid? HE'S CRAP!
And Begging won't work, only cash would - Ed.

Willy followed that up with the following, after my negative response and
invitation for him to try try again. Increasing his bid for Heskey was good
cos he already had him anyway. You can see how complicated my life is now.


Okey dokey goes....

My original bid for Robbie Keane was 3.4 million.
Could you please amend my second round bids as follows : -

Increase Heskey from 8 to 9.5 million (+1.5)
Increase Vierra from 5.5 to 7 million (+1.5)

That leaves me with 0.4 million which I will keep in the bank for now.

Cheers Si.........Willy

William The Burglar

Mincing, squealing, bender,

The 2nd round bids of the all conquering Deacon Chumps are:


Domi       (New) 0.8
Hinchcliffe (SW) 0.8


Marcelino  (New) 2.1


Hadji      (Cov) 4.2


Heskey     (Lei) 4.2


Hans Christian Solo Boogers Clive Anderson Bloomers Blomfield

Simesy Wimesy, What do you mean 'No comment'??!!??!! Team name: Worthing Wanderers Here's my 2nd round bids HISLOP 3.2M SCHWARZER 1.2M CARR 2.2M HEGGEM 3.2M EHIOGU 3.2M WOODGATE 3.2M VIERA 3.2M IZZETT 3.2M PHILIPS 5.2M JEFFERS 5.2M Chris

Quinn (can't add up yet) D'Arcy

Westervald - 6
hislop - 5

potts 1.1
weir 1.1

matteo 2.1
may 1.1
oakes 1.1

guppy 2.4
speed 1.1

jeffers 3.4
flo 10


Jan Walker

I'm soooo sorry about missing the first round bids. I'll not bore you
lame excuses. are my bids for the second round........early !!

S. Westerveld     GK       3m
D. Domi           FB       4m
A. Griffin        FB       2m
R. Delap          FB       2m
U. Ehiogu         CB       6m
J. Woodgate       CB       5m
E. Marcelino      CB       2m
R. Song           CB       4m
M. Hadji          MF       3m
J. Redknapp       MF       5m
G. Speed          MF       4m
H.Kachloul        MF       3m
N. Lennon         MF       2m
E. Heskey         FW       7m
P. Wanchope       FW       8m
R. Keane          FW       3m (P Di Canio - see below)
D. Ferguson       FW       2m

Am I forgiven then ??
I'm still thinking about the team name...........


This Robbie Keane thing is starting to get a bit monotonous guys
Sorry, girls. I mean birds, sorry Jan. Anyway, after I explained the Keane
situation, Janet changed it to Paulo Di Canio. A top move, even for a bird.

Cereal Miller

I would like to bid for the following -


Shay Given - NEW - 3.3m


Gareth Ainsworth - WIM 4.7m

I thank you ..

Mr Serial Miller

2llb of lavlies Cheal

COSTRERMONGERS bids as follows -

 GK           MYRHE      EVE          0.8

 FB           DORIGO     DER          0.8
              TARRIGO    TOT          0.8

 MF           VIERRA     ARS         12.4
              BARMBY     EVE          5.4
              SUMMERBEE  SUN          0.9
              COLE       WES          1.1

 ST           WANCHOPE   DER          1.7
              PHILLIPS   SUN         12.1

 TOTAL                               36.0

Titty Camara Taylor we go.....

GK    Bosnich               9.0

CB    Woodgate              5.0
CB    Johnsen               0.9

MF    Vieira                6.5
MF    Barmby                3.0
MF    Guppy                 3.0

ST    Cole                 14.0
ST    Phillips             11.0
ST    Jeffers               4.0

Med venlig hilsen

Erm, where do we go Allan?
Poor old Allan, his bids make me want to cry

Dave 'Dingle Dingle Dingle' Paton

BIG SI . .  .

   Here goes . .

    P NEVILLE Man Utd 4m

    F JEFFERS Everton 3m

   and thats it

And so this week's BID DELINQUENT's are Paul Smith and Steve Ramsay.
Jan says you both have to fall into the bird category now. Smithy gave some pathetic
excuse about using tactics when what he really meant was he's a useless overweight
old man (bird) who's losing his memory. And Jock decided it'd be more fun to write an
entry in the guestbook rather than actually put his bids in. That entry follows....

Record 182
 Name: BJMcR
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In
 Time: 1999-08-28 02:31:08
 Comments: Am I the only one whos pissed of with this fantasy footy thing already? 

Final Round

Simon Webb!

Did I tell you I'm the current PASSJAMS Champion?
GK Hoult - 0.5m
FB Borbokis - 0.6m
CB Carbonari - 0.6m
CB Hyypia - 4.4m
S Camara - 1.5m
Oh and I'm changing my team name to "Falls to Climb" cos
Coriander Stem has too much meaning and it's upsetting me.


Paul Oxley

William yer stabber,

My final bid (and you have to be hung like a horse to
put in a bid like this) is for the legendary M Pahars
of Southampton. 5M.

He'd better be more useful than me with the girls.


Ox starts to realise that I'm cut and pasting
the e-mails onto here and tries to take advantage of that.

Jason D'Arcy

Hello Simon Webb
My bids for round three are:

GK  - Van Der Goew  -  1.5 (ManU)
FB  - Impey         -  1.5 (Lei)
MID - Thompson      -  3.5 (Liv)
      Lomas         -  2.5 (WHam)
ATT - Ketsbaia      -  3.0 (New)

Freebies if required - 1 Mid and 1 Fullback.   

Paul Smith


The 47 Ronin emerge from their lonely desolation to wreak holy
revenge and Seppuku upon their enemies

Pressman       SHE  1.7
Gerrard        EVE  1.1

Kelly          LEE  1.1
Bjornbye       LIV  1.1
Vivas          ARS  1.1
Granville      LEE  1.1

Grimandi       ARS  1.1
Molenaar       LEE  1.1
Babb           LIV  1.1
Ruddock        WES  1.1

Merson         AST  1.1
Draper         AST  1.1
Hughes         WIM  1.1

Casiraghi      CHE  4.1
Ferdinand      TOT  4.1

Cheers,  Paul

That was Smithy's 8th attempt after he finally read the rules

Ian Willets


No money bids for me on this one but my two "freebies"
I would like to be midfielders.................Cheers


Allan Taylor

CB Hyypia                   1.2
CB Duberry                  2.5

MF Hutchinson               5.2
MF Merson                   2.5
MF Chippo                   1.2
MF Gerrard                  0.8
MF Goldbaek                 1.1

ST  Smith                   3.2
ST  Fuertes                 4.5
ST  Pahars                  1.7

Si I don't know what I will get from this but would hope to cover a
whole team by the end? If not  please use my freebies to complete my team????
If not just choose yourself where ever I have spaces but NOT GOALIES PLEASE

Cheers Huge Ears.....

and then;

Plebby my good chap a query????

Why is our Robbie NOT on the selection panal NOW? As he was in the
Times list on TUE????????????????
This seems a little strange and would dramatically have effected my
round 3 bids?????????????????

I am in tonight (mon) on Ovies!

So you're on ovies Allan, well done.

Janety Walker

Ici mon bids por le 3rd round......

Sorenson             GK     5m
J. Dodd              FB     2m
S. Glass             MF     2m
D. Deschamps         MF     6m
C. Babayaro          MF     6m
M. Pahars            FW     4m
1  free Goalie please
1 free Midfielder please

Still not sure about a team name though....will get back to you...

au revoir......

I'm certain Janet likes her team name we've allocated

Stevan Miller


Just to confirm that I have no round 3 bids. 
Not really any point, as I've got next to no money.

If I still get freebies, I'd prefer a midfielder and a striker. 
Big if that. 


Andrew Cheal

G Kelly LEE 2.5 m



 I forgot the feebies -

 x1 Full back and x1 Midfield

 Sorry to be a little fickle

Doesn't he go on?

Christpoher Blomfield United


Sorenson (SUN) - 1.2M

Hyppia (LIV) - 3.2M
Carbonari (DER) - 3.2M

Deschamps (CHE) - 2.2M
Taylor (VIL) - 1.2M
Thompson (VIL) - 1.2M

Fuertes (DER) - 7.2M


Steve always last Ramsay

CB: Carbonari DER 3m

Mid: Froggart COV 4m
   : Draper AST 4m
   : McPhail LEE 3.5m
   : Lee NEW 3m
   : Pembridge EVE 3m
   : Draper AST 3m

FOR: Sturridge DER 3m
   : Cottee LEI 2 m

I think this leaves me with 6.2m

sorry its so late :)

Jock's classy double take on Mark Draper

Desptie constant nagging, Trigger Paton was happy with his
team and did not bat in this innings. His confidence is soon
to be shattered into millions of little Scottish pieces.

Thankfully, that concluded the auction. Can I go home now?

Clink Clink

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