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Memorobilia and Titty being Titty

Wahoo, there's some pics on this page. Hoorah. The first one is
called 'Why do we call him Titty?'. And if you look at the pic
you can see just what the answer is to that much repeated 
question. Good old Mr T, he's such a good sport. The quality
is not so good we admit, but it was taken with that little
video conferencing camera we had so much fun with. 

The second pictures were taken on the very last morning of
Northampton Data Centre, the sad day that it closed and all 
our lives were ruined. Well, almost anyway. 04.24 on the 
morning of 1 JUN 1997, if you look closely at the clock 
you will see this. If you look more closely at the top picture
you'll also see Pueblo with 2 cans of beer in his hands - naughty
boy. Only joking, he's not naughty at all. Whatever happened to 
that teapot? It was such a good teapot. Spanning about 50 feet
on the wall you probably can't see a big placard which says 
'Goodbye to Northampton Operations,1988-1997', and ends with 
a big sad face. We missed 17 job abends making that placard.

On the lower of the two pics, the only interesting thing you can just
about make out is Janet playing Tetris on the PC, which is just about
all she ever did except for the Network start of course. Surprising 
then, that she never did beat my high score. Also note (those with 
good eyesight) the British flag, a-la Warwick, the countdown chart
(of remaining days) and our treasured Sytem Information board, which 
we tirelessly updated. Funny the things one forgets isn't it?

*****************      NEW PICS OF JANET AND PAUL     ****************

Hey look at the bottom pics. 

It's Pueblo pretending to be Titty and also the back of Janet. 

Well okay, you can see the front of Janet too, 
and she's not playing Tetris. But , she IS eating. (Again). Oops.


*****************      NEW PICS OF JANET AND PAUL     ****************


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