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"I not really asleep"


Hello, I'm Paul. I'm about 34 now and I've lost my marbles.

I have several nicknames, but I only know of: Pueblo, Smithy.

My favourite saying's are: How much will that cost? I don't have enough money for that. I don't have any money. Debs only let me out with a fiver so I have to go now. I'm sure I can get that cheaper. HOW MUCH? (Yeah, so you get the point)

My hobbies are: Polishing my car, trimming my hedge, deepening my pockets, shortening my arms.

My best PASSJAMS finish is: Have I ever finished?

Cup's I've won: League Cup, 94/5 and 98/9. FF Cup 95/6. Paul won the first ever PASSJAMS Cup you know.


times I've been spyed on now.