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Touch me.


Jason Brown here. Believe it or not, I'm younger than Simon, at 30 so there.

My nicknames, there are many, include: JD, Jason Brown, Lips 'D', Burglar, Lips Large.

My favourite sayings are: Shut up, not listening, not listening, NO, NOOOOO, I don't care as long as you stop talking, whats going on over there, right: thats it, you're sacked, i've got a double sack, say that again - go on, say that again, holy kajunga's, do you want some?

My hobbies include: sacking webb, reducing my stress levels, bananas.

My best PASSJAMS finish is: 2nd, in 1999/2000 season.

Cup's I've won: I won the League Cup in my maiden PASSJAMS year. AYE?


times I've been spyed on now.