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Guess which one is hand drawn.


Davor Patinous here. I'm 20-17, and I have to go now, cos Morag is on the phone.

My nicknames are: Davor, Davorious, Davorious Pationous, Edgar (Davids), BBC2, David.

My favourite sayings are: NOOOOOOO, Seeeeeeeeeee-ya Webster, I'm not doing it, and thats the troof, and lots of other things that we can't understand (Scottish) .

My hobbies include: Taking calls from Morag, walks by the sea, Guinness.

My best PASSJAMS finish is: 5th, in my only season to date, 1999/2000.

Cup's I've won: I'm afraid I didn't win a cup in my debut season.


times I've been spyed on now.