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Windy's Team !!!

Here's the one we've all been waiting for then. 

It's Windies team. 

But we're not allowed to take the liquid stuff
out of each other so I aint saying a word. 

He's got Michael Owen though!

What follows are Steve's words...

Bodged this together. Bit over dependent on West Ham, we'll see...

127 - Flowers   (BLA) 3.1
209 - Wright    (AST) 3.7
233 - Harte     (LEE) 3.4   
307 - Bould     (ARS) 3.8
338 - Elliott   (LEI) 3.9
578 - Flitcroft (BLA) 3.3 
469 - Berger    (LIV) 4.4
515 - Merson    (MID) 4.7
406 - Overmars  (ARS) 5.6
693 - Collymore (AST) 8.0   
690 - Dublin    (LIV) 7.9

which should add up to 51.8 million following the ejection of

Gallacher, Lazaridis and that other West ham player Lampard (jnr). 
And now, Adams and Owen for Bould and Dublin respectively.

No idea for a team name, hang on, got some cds here..... Right, team name 'Stars Of Track & Field' Sorry about that....... Hey look everyone, it's Steve playing footie. He really leathered that ball you know.

Webbies Team!!!

Okey Dokey , here is Sime's team.

It's oddly name 'Salty Custard'.

No-one knows why. And he HASN'T got Owen. 
And he's the Liverpool fan!!

seaman      ars 3.7
winterburn  ars 4.2
schnoor     der 2.8
Unsworth    eve 3.1
ehiogu      ast 3.7
Le Tissier  sot 6.0
merson      mid 4.7
berger      liv 4.4
ginola      tot 4.8
fowler      liv 9.4
dublin      cov 7.9

total          54.7m        

Out go Sinclair (che) & Walsh (Lei). Cheerio chaps !
And also out are Elliot, and Halle. 

And here's a pic of Simes, being very animated with a football. He's lost that ball in the sea now . . .

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