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And The Manager of October is......

Hmmm, tricky one this is. I mean, all the teams (except Jock's) are pretty damn close. Everyone has more-or-less stuck to the rules (except Jock) and everyone got their team in on time (oh shut-up). Hang on, what's this got to do with The Manager of the Month award ? When Smithy won it he bought the beer for a whole week (which amounted to 1.47), when John Allen won it he promised not to talk about bloody Leciester City for a whole week and when Janet was awarded it she (oops. not allowed to say that). Stop snarling Jan. Um, nobody appears to be approaching me with bribes this time so it looks like I'll have to use my judgement for once. Oh dear. Right then, Titty is Manager of October. Why? Cos he's having a rough time at the moment. No NO - that's not right, it's cos he's top of The League and he's in the semi-final of The Cartel Cup.

(Actually you know, he's promised to go out with my sister, that's the real reason. God, I hope she doesn't read this, she'll puke)

I don't make this easy do I?

Hands up who hates work

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