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Hi, I'm Si! And he's Steve!
You feel like this now, stay long enough and you'll be like Steve, on the right there.

Site last updated - Wed 14th July 1999 - we've had visits now!

Hello and welcome to The Official Passjams Website. The season is now, sadly at an end and Steve and Si will hurriedly get ready for next season by moving most of what's here to a history of some sort. If you believe that you obviously don't know us very well. Cos we'll be sunning ourselves on holiday's and watching REM and Rev in concert, across continents, which is much more exciting. Anyhoo, until then, navigate around the site from here with the highly functional and not-at-all-cribbed-from-somewhere-else navigation bar at the top. Good luck.

Here's what's most relevant at the moment....

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As a courtesy to CD Now, the search engines that have bothered to include us and to our sponsor's,
we've included link's to their sites which can now be found on this sub page. Thanks guys.