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Treble Winners 2001 PASSJAMS Great. Super.
Season end - At LAST!
Loads of that

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And so, this PASSJAMS seasons draws to a close. It was a tight finish at the end, and Jon
Brown just managed to pip Mr Miller to win his maiden test PASSJAMS trophy.
Congratulations to Jon. Congratluations also to:

  • Andy Cheal - for winning The League Cup
  • Chris Blomfield - for fluking the Cartel Cup
  • er, Me - for fixing The FF Cup
  • Mike England - for taking over a failing team and avoinding #20
  • Steve Miller - the eternal Runner-Up [Cartel, FF Cup, League]
    and for winning Europe and the Manager of the Season.
  • Everyone else - but only if you made an effort.

Commiserations to Leeobald, who propped the rest of us up..

PASSJAMS will be back with an all new look in June. Goodbye until then :)

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