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Which year mon am?

Aye. ęPASSJAMS was formed from the initial letters of it's founder members way back in 1994, for no other reason than to give meaning to Paul, Allan, Simon, Steve, Jon, Andy, Mick and Steve's lives. We had to bribe Mick to participate that year to make the teams up to 8, which is the minimum entries we've had each year. 1997 saw the outsourcing of our operation and the subsequent temporary demise of ęPASSJAMS due to any form of administrator being on permanent secondment, banged up in a hotel at the other end of the country for 11 months. ęPASSJAMS bounced back in 1998 though, and this was the first season we went online - gone were the days of pub auctions and this too became an online affair - necessary due to the members being spread out all over England. In the 2000/1 season, ęPASSJAMS broke all records with a Giant Haystacks belly swelling 25 entrants which was an administrative nightmare, admitedly. If anyone knows their whereabouts, come in Darren Proulx (Pipe Dream Hero) or Lisa Gobbard (wet dream heroin), or any other members who we've lost contact with over the years - it would be great to have them all back. Since we started, Leeobald has indeed been in touch having miraculously found us on the internet following a completely bizarre name search. However, in true Leeobald style, after one season at the bottom of the league has once again vanished into obscurity. Lee...come back!

ęPASSJAMS - it doesn't get any better than this.