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Look, you have to admit it, Man Utd are a bunch of egotistical
jumped up little bad losing twats, allegedly. But we're not going 
to have any more of a dig of them here, that is your job to tell us
what you really think. You see, we are under the impression that the
only people that like Man U, are their own fans. Unlike other 
clubs where there is respect for each other, there appears to 
be none for Man U outside of their own circle of dwindling fans.
So tell us why. Is it Alex Ferguson that really gets up ya nose, the
way he just takes losing as his own fault all the time and never, no
never blames anyone else? Or is it David Beckham and the way he just
irritates you with those goal celebrations and of course, those
wayward feet he just likes to splay at passing Argentinians. 
Perhaps you just don't like the way Peter Schmeical and the rest of 
them announce at the beginning of every January that Man U are gonna
tie up the Premiership by March, concentrate on winning the European
Cup (cos it IS still called that) and then collect the FA Cup at 
Wembley in May. Of course, I seem to remember a certain North London
Club interfering with two of those last season, and whatever did happen
to that European campaign Peter? 

Anyway, the best ones (you can send jokes too) will appear below. And the 
best one of the month will get a very special limited edition prize.
Send them to the contact email address below.

Thanks for visiting. 

The    response   

1. Man walks into a pub and asks the barman for 'A Beckham'.
   What's that then ? Asks the barman
   The man answers : Just got time for a quick half then I'm off.

Come on, you know you can do better than that.

2. Letters from a fan?? Full, unexpedited version (if that's a word)

                Peter Schmeicel

           Dear Royalff,

           Being an avid Arsenal fan since the age of 5 (my Dad once had a trial
           for them you know), you will probably be surprised to hear that I for
           one think Peter Schmeicel is an excellent Goalkeeper, and is arguably
           the best goalie in the world right now, including David Seaman (he got
           married 4 miles from where I live you know).

           Even my son (another avid Arsenal fan) thinks Peter is very good, and
           he's probably a better judge than me coz he has his own Goalie gloves
           and a set of Arsenal pyjamas......

           signed Paul

           (an avid Arsenal fan, and yes I know I've never been to Highbury, but
           I've been to Wembley twice and that will soon be our ground anyway so
           that counts)

           (and I've touched some real World Cup tickets - so that counts even

3. And here's another..tsk tsk 

                Anonymous note

           Dear Royalff,

           Not that I'm one to pass on gossip, but I have today been passed the
           following note concerning the only female manager in our league (No I
           don't mean Titty either)

           'To whom it may concern -

           If you are interested, there is a picture in existence of the young
           Janet riding her horse across that scarey bridge near Consett, but she
           was overheard to say "you're not getting your hands on it Smithy coz I
           look GONKY!"

           Signed - ANON

           Obviously such malicious gossip about our fair lady Manager cannot go
           unanswered so I feel honour bound to pass it on to the proper



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