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It's the (rather complicated) FF Cup . Oh yeah , and it's sponsored by The Echo (out by Christmas).

Hello , again. Well in case you can't remember the FF Cup sponsored by The Echo (still haven't got that sponsoship money Miller) goes something like this....

In the qualifying week (28th November) the top 4 teams in the league go into Group A and the bottom 4 into Group B.

In each group every team plays each other once on a round robin basis and points are awarded in the same wasy as The Premiership, ie 3 for a win and 1 for a draw. Goal difference counts too. Anyway, at the end of all this the winner of Group A plays the runner up of Group B in the first semi final, and I am sure you can work out the other semi final. Then there's the final. Then we all have a lovely cup of Tea.

More to come, when I wake up....

Okay, had some sleep now. Here's the groups....

Couldn't quite remember who was where on the 28th, so I've just sorta guessed. That'll do.

Group A are the 'Elite', hence their name. Group B are the scumsters, hence THEIR's . Fixtures below the tables.

Oh , one more thing, Smithy wanted to be in Bill Clinton's Group, so I swapped him with Jock. Not that this isn't illegal or anything, but he did ask nicely.

With the points now firmly in place after Round TWO, I figure you can just about work out how this little thing is put together now. Could someone tell me then? It's SO exciting, and I feel I like it, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you, want you Pointer Sisters, 1984 (ish)

Group A - The Tony Blairs P W D L F A Pts
Salty Custard 3 1 2 0 45 29 5
Allan Richard Taylor 3 1 1 1 44 23 4
Party Pooper BigJMcR 3 1 1 1 36 49 4
Willy, P3 L2 won, er 1 3 1 0 2 27 51 3

Group B - The Bill Clintons P W D L F A Pts
Iolanthe Miller 3 2 0 1 36 27 6
Andy Williams 3 2 0 1 29 29 6
Arsene Wenger-Smith 3 1 0 2 44 30 3
Janety, P3, L2 Pts er 3! 3 1 0 2 24 47 3

So what does all this mean, well - Tony Blairs Group was one of the tightest ever (a bit like the Tories fiscal policy then) and Titty scraped through ahead of Jock by virtue of a better goal difference. In Bill Clinton's Group Janet finally won a game which had no bearing on the group whatsoever, because Andy beat Mr Smith in what turned out to be the grudge match, and so progressed ahead of him. The semi-finals then, are as detailed below....

Fixtures Results Fixtures Results

Round One....

Tony Blair : Titty 11 v 11 Simon, Willy 11 v 22 Rambo
Billy Boy : Windy 11 v 09 Smith, Andy 12 v 04 Janet

from the 19th of December.

Round Two....

Tony Blair : Titty 31 v 07 Joke, Willy 11 v 27 Simon
Billy Boy : Windy 19 v 10 Andy, Smith 29 v 12 Janet

from the 16th of January.

Round Three....

Tony Blair : Titty 2 v 5 Willy, Jock 7 v 7 Simon
Billy Boy : Windy 6 v 8 Janet, Smith 6 v 7 Andy

from the 30th January.

The Semi-Finals....

Titty 9 v 10 Windy
Andy 6 v 16 Simon

from 6th February.

Er, so that means it's Si against Steve in The Final, played w/e of 13th March

And here's the result : Si 18 v 27 Steve

Congratulations to, er, Steve! FF Cup Winner 1999.

Um, back to some other crap