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Competition time!

Each month there is a question about the history of PASSJAMS. The winner will receieve 5 league points and 1m on their budget. Webb can't enter. Nor can Miller.

Question 10 - April question closed 30th April. Last comp. NOT doing THIS next year..

Where on the body, is your hip-flexor?

And it would appear, no-one knows this - except our friendly treerodent friend who doesn't qualify for PASSJAMS points. Maybe I'll have to consider a special reward. If anyone is interested here is the "unofficial" answer:

The "hip flexor" is possibly two muscles, the psoas and the tensor fasciae latae in medical-ese. These are located at the top front (find your pelvic bone just about where your waist is and lift your knee straight up. Feel that?) just at the juncture of the trunk with the leg.

How's that for 3 medical books and 4 websites?

See you Managers are all no fun..

Question 9 - March question closed 30th June. Ha not really. Guess when it did.

What's the title of the new Muse single, out on March 10th? And there's an extra point if you can prove you've bought it. It's only 1.99 in HMV you know.

Winner: Frantic. Answer: Plug in Baby. And jolly good it is too. D'Arcy also entered, but everyone hates him so the points lie with Mr Fraser.

There was also a rand(all)om entry from some foreign bird, with an alleged cute back-side. No idea where THAT came from. Would like to have awarded the points in that direction, cos that would take her above Gareth in the table. However, this is not possible and so we'll just have to bathe in the fact that PASSJAMS attracts girls.

Question 8 - February's question closed 28th February.

To date, how many PASSJAMS points have been scored by players in the league, in total? That's all teams, all players. Easy if you have a calculator

Hmmm. 3 entries. One about 20,000 points out from Smithy, and two a little closer from Bloomers and Giles. Anyway, to cut an annoying story down to just a tedious one, Giles won this month's competetion getting the closest (about 200 points away) to the correct answer of 3222 points. Thank you, and good riddance. I mean, bye.

Question 7 - January's question closed 31st January.

Why are Man Utd such a bunch of wankers? Best answer, in my opinion - wins....all entries less than 100 words. Poems favoured.

I can announce that Paul Arfur Oxley won, and here's his entry. Thanks to all the others who entered, there's simply not the time to publish them all - or more accurately - I really can't be arsed.

Poem contains strong language, for those of you who get offended by that, please look away now.

Poem by Paul:

Webb has his monthly PASSJAMS quiz,
and I simply can't be clited,
but I feel I have to list the things
I hate about United

Obviously I'll start with Becks
A c**t with loads of dosh.
He's thick as shit and wears a skirt
and his bell end smells of Posh

It wouldn't matter what Scholes was
a surgeon or rap singer.
I wouldn't be impressed by this
the fucker's still a ginger.

Each time United win something
I'll admit I do feel bitter
I imagine each cup or shield
sticking out of Fergie's sh***er

Nice one Ox.

Question 6 - December's question closed 31st December.

How can I make this any easier? I have no idea, so a difficult one this month. If no-one gets it right it's my turn for the 5 points, using the amazing Miller/Webb alternating award if no-one gets it right. The question this month then: What was A.T's favourite hiding place in Royal hide and seek?

And the answer is (was): I feel I should keep this confidential, if you need to know the answer then email the usual place. Paul Smith got the answer right, a few others entered but lost. I think Andy may have got it right too, but we tossed up just in case and Smithy won anyway. 1m and 5 points to Mr Smith.

Question 5 -November's question closed 30th November.

Very VERY easy this month: Which season did PASSJAMS take a temporary break. And as a tiebreaker, who was supposedly manager of the season that same season. Bizarre, but true.

Blimey. I made it as easy as possible and yet still only get 3 entries. Smithy, Frantic and Mr Cheal entered, Smithy being the one to guess the tiebreaker as :

"Manager of the season was probably Mark Dyson for managing to get all the VFT tapes pulled 100% accurately for the first time, then forgetting to send them offsite because the box was under a table in a 'shadow' "

But it was an amusing answer and I was tempted to give it to him. But the correct answer was that PASSJAMS took a temporary break in 1997/8 season and Graham Robinson was manager of the season, accoring to the "Roll of Honour" page. Frantic and Andy both got it right, and JD flipped a coin and for the second time in one night (the other being todays advent calendar award) at PASSJAMS HQ Andy was the lucky winner. 5 points and 1m to Andy then, who's fast becoming an expert at play-off's and the competition.

Question 4 - October's question closed 31st October.

Still thinking of one...but since Miller was moaning that he can never get the points from the comp (and our lord knows he needs them) I've decided that if no-one sends in a correct answer at all, then he wins. How fair is THAT? Hey I know, October's question can be: How many rounds has Mr Miller bought in the pub in the last fortnight?

Always like a tricky question....answers to the usual place.

Only four people entered, here's what they said:

Smithy : 0
Paul Arthur Oxley: 4 (are you mad?)
Mr Cheal: 0

I think the answer is 4.
Is that a gurls team STILL at the top of the table ???

The actual answer was one. He bought one for me, one Saturday night (it was a small round, bless him). 5 points to Miller. And a million pounds.

Question 3 - September's question closed 30th September.

The letter's PASSJAMS are formed from the Christian names of the 8 founder members of the league, in 1994. Who are they? The answer IS on the Website, but is wrong! Good Luck.

And the answer is: Paul, Andy, Steve, Simon, Jon, Allan, Mick and Steve again. The answer on the web incorrectly states Janet, and not Jon Allen. Which I'll correct one day now that the comp is over.

Andy, Smithy and Giles (2nd attempt) got it right, and Andy won the play off. Bloomers, Gummy, JB and Frantic all copied the answer on the web. Didn't you boys learn about copying at school? Tut, and indeed TUT. Anyway Giles sent in an amusing (second) guess and I've included it below, at his expense. 5 points and 1m to Andrew...


More time spent reading back issues of the echo and two very small 
references to one Jon Allen.  i) he sold Andy Cole when he became a Man Utd 
player and ii) he found new work in Preston.  I don't know who his team was 
but am making a guess that he at least was in the original men only league.  
Therefore I answer that Janet was not an original manager.

My other alternative was that in reality the original managers all had deep 
religious beliefs and each felt they were direct re-incarnations of 
christian apostles / saints :

St Paul
St Andrew
St Simon
St Stephen
St James
St Alban
St Matthew
St Swithin

perhaps this would suggest that the Passjams thing is some kind of 
brainwashing cult with the Webmaster as its leader !!

Hmm, but that'd make it the SSSSSSSS League Giles.

Question 2 - August's question closed 30th August.

In an early season there was an extremely contentious transfer between Miller and Jock involving a certain Mr Shearer. What I want to know though, is what was the points gap between 1st and 2nd place that the two were trying to close at the time? The answer can be found somewhere on the web. Answer's via email to

Answer : 77 points - winner Ginger D'Arcy who was one of four to get the correct answer and was the first of those pulled out of the hat, witnesses provided. Points credited next table update.

Here's what was sent in;

Paul William Oxley   - 77
Jason William D'Arcy - 77
Janet William Walker - 79
Paul William Smith   - 79
Steve William Ramsay - 77
Chris William Fraser - 77

Question 1 - closed 30th July

What is the highest ever points haul in a single season?

Answer : 559 - winner Giles West who went to considerable lengths to secure his 5 points and 1m, and despite my threat to disqualify him I decided that anyone who is sad enough to go to such lengths as trawling through Millers Echo archives when he could have been on the beach deserves to win.

Here's what was sent in;

Giles Arthur West   - 559
Jason Arthur D'Arcy - 564
Paul  Arthur Oxley  - 593
Steve Arthur Jordan - 413
Paul  Arthur Smith  - 372
Janet Anna   Walker - 948

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