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Hey !

Hey guys ! It's me, Billie. I'm a top pop artist. You may have heard to
me cos I've had two number one singles and I'm only 16 years old.

My first single was some bizarre little trifle called 'Because We Want 
To' that was, rumour has it, slightly annoying.

However, my second single was the ace 'Girlfriend' that had a video with
a cool new dance routine with me and my chums.

Anyway, there's a list of my favourite links down here somewhere, and all
I've got left to do is tell you all to go and buy my CD.

Bye !


The Official Site: It's my official site
Some other Unofficial site: Another Unofficial Site
Another one !: This is getting silly
Some Fantasy Football thing: Don't know what this is

ho, and if you will, hum times.