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Hmm, evidence that I spent a majority of 1995 losing the plot are all over the shop with Issue 6. Firstly, there's the front cover story that I'd signed up Ellen from 'Ellen' as cover for Chris Sutton.

Then, there's more adverts for top pop albums, in this case, the new album from Gene.

There's a two and a half page skit on Match of The Day in which Des, Alan & Trevor discuss the Passjams League !

There's a bizarre and rambling editorial, about fields of honeycomb and the Riverside Retail Park.

And lastly, there's a running debate between myself and Simon over the whole Shearer bung scandal.

Whichever way you look at it, it's all very very sad, and this website isn't at all sad. Not one little bit. Oh no.

Anyway, tucked inside the fetching yellow cover, courtesy of Dave Jarvis (remenmber him?) is the usual old tosh masquerading as entertainment, a two page letters column with waffle from Titty and made up letters from everybody else, a picture of Jock pointing at Sixfields from the top of a hill, a look at Darren Proulx's appaling team, and an interview with Andy, with a photo of him doing an impression of Nelson.

It really was a bizarre month.

Football wise, Simon's team stretched their lead at the top of the table to 79 points, while there was only 85 points between 2nd and 7th, making it one of the most one-horsey one-horse races that there have ever been.

There is some complaint from Titty about a deal involving Keith Gillespie, but I can't quite remeber what this is about. Did everybody bid against him cos we knew he was trying to buy him? It may have been something like that. I bet it kept us amused for, oh, days.

Anyway, there's some quotes and stuff below.

From Issue 6 of the increasingly average Echo -

'It is with brobdingnagian sadness that I am having to correspond with the echo yet again'

So begins Tittys letter, after he spent several days looking up long words in the dictionary.

'It's an outrage. How can the Eagles' manager keep getting away with this damn thuggery business. He ought to be docked a few points if you ask me'

Andy obviously wasn't as busy on days as he led us to believe.

'I am not going to apologise. I still haven't calmed down from your letter. Honestly, I sometimes think that I'm running a nursery school and the little kid at the back of the class with the snotty nose doesn't get his milk at break time.'

I think Simon had a little set to with Fred this week.

From Andy's interview :

What is your greatest fear ? - Getting my fingers trapped in the spokes of a moving bicycle.

What was the last book you read ? - Absolute Integrity, The History Of Royal Insurance.

How would you spend a million pounds ? - Buy myself into the board of directors (Royal)

What do you feel is your greatest achievement ? - Living through five decades.

Do you have any ambitions ? - To be a director for Royal. This will happen. Mark my words.

What would your advice be to a trainee ? - Don't do what I do. Do as I tell you.

How would you describe working for Royal ? - The most significant crossroads I've ever walked in my life. Take that how you like.

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