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Issue 1 of the 'soon to be a famed publishing institution', The Echo, was released upo an unsuspecting world on (apparently) the 30th September 1994 ! For those of you that can't do clever maths, that's over 4 years ago !

I've been reading the issue tonight, and truth be told, it's very poor. Fact of the matter, it's terrible. Although we did knock it up in a day, and without the very poor issue 1, there wouldn't have been any later issues with all of their top class comedy and quality items.

It was the only issue that had a front cover with an actual story, rather than just a one liner, and it featured our first attempts at comedic poses with the videoconferencing PC, which, if memory serves me right, never really got used for that much videoconferencing, did it?? Although we did have a terribly useful union meeting using it once.

Anyway, issue 1 has a big article on page 1 and page 2 about Jock being named Manager of the Month, basically because his team was in the league after the first two weeks. Page 2 also had an exciting preview of the first Cup competition, the Cartel Cup !

Page 3 had a boring analysis of the transfer prices in the league, with another amusing videoconferencing shot, while the centre pages had a very very dull look at Jock's team.

The next two pages had an our first manager interview, using that format that we shamelessly stole from UK Today. Simon, strangely, appears to be not all that sarcastic in this interview ! He is wearing his football top with his initials on, and appears to be smoking a cigarette though.

On the last page, although not scaling the heights of later issues, is a bit of gossip and the first of what would become increasingly desperate and dishonourable attempts at space filling.

Quotes from Issue 1 -

'I'm the manager of the month, and none of you can take that away from me. I'm the best. Free entry to the Cartel Cup? That's me, because I'm the manager of the month. Smallest squad as well. Pah. The Scots invented football you know ?' - Jock

'As for Goshbite, their manager made a series of seemingly random buys, leading to speculation that he was either a brilliant tactician, or just somebody who had been drinking longer than anybody else. Initial reports and eyewitness evidence suggest the latter' - A bad rap for Mr Cheal !

'A swap deal between Jason Wilcox and Les Ferdinand is still under discussion ' - Er, no it wasn't. I made that up, and only convinced Andy it was a good idea months later.

From Simons interview -

What is your greatest regret ? - Leaving BT

What makes you angry ? - Working at Royal

When you were a child, what job did you hope to do ? - Bus driver

Do you have any ambitions ? - Retire at 43

What would your advice be to a trainee ? - Isn't there anyone else you can work for ?

Next week - or month - or whenever I can be arsed !

Issue 2 of The Echo, with hopefully a better quality scan of the cover !

Which won't be difficult.

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