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Andy's team and the Scottish fellow's team

Here's Andy's Team, it's cunningly called FLOBALOB.
Is that an anagram Andrew?

Here it is, along with Andy's comments about his late input,
something about food poisoning? 
Oh and guess what? - that's right, he has included Michael Owen!

Here goes....

Better late than never! But I have been unavoidably occupied - honest!
Also, this team was compiled as soon as I received the sheets at home.
 GK - Myhre                EVE 2.6
 FB - Charles              AST 3.4
      Wright               AST 3.7
 CB - Ruddock              WHM 3.0
      Unsworth             EVE 3.1
 MF - Petit                ARS 4.4
      Overmars             ARS 5.6
      Kinsella             CHA 3.5
      Poyet                CHE 4.9
 ST - Owen                 LIV 10.5
      Shearer              NEW 10.1
                     Total =  54.8m

And OUT go Sullivan, Thomas and Stevie Staunton.        

A picture of Andy. Well it looks like Andy. Well okay, it doesn't actually look like Andy, but we haven't got a picture of Andy so it will have to do.

Big Jock McRamsays Team (well, half a team)

Right then, having taken approximately 4 weeks to get his team together, 
Jock decided it would be a good idea to completely ignore the rules
and include 4 (f-o-u-r (Grandstand teleprinter score)) Arsenal players.

Then he has the audacity to complain, via the guestbook, that his team
had not been posted on the site.

So, to show that we love him, here it is. But Stevo says he isn't giving you any
points for your two best scoring Arsenal players until you sort it out.

It's all okay now !

He's sorted his team out, and you know what, it looks bloody good !

Well, apart from Neil Sullivan and Steve Guppy and Eyal Berkovic, 
but he's got Bergkamp so it'll be okay. Although he has broken the 
rule about the number of foreigners you're allowed !

           Team name : Canadian F-wots

           Goalkeeper   :  Neil Sullivan       WIM  2.5

           Full Backs   :  Steve Guppy         LEI  3.6
                        :  Jason McAteer       LIV  4.2  

           Centre Backs :  Frank LeBoeuf       CHE  4.2
                        :  Matt Elliot         LIE  3.9

           Midfielders  :  Marc Overmars       ARS  5.6
                        :  Jamie Redknapp      LIV  4.2
                        :  Francesco Balano    DER  5.2
                        :  Eyal Berkovic       WES  4.8
           Strikers     :  Dennis Bergkamp     ARS  9.1
                        :  Tere Andre Flo      CHE  7.2
                                          TOTAL    54.50

A picture of Jock as a baby - NEVER! Lovely wallpaper, btw.

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