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And so it came to pass(jams) that there would be an advent calendar in 2000

The three Kings are bearing 24 presents of varying degree's this year, and each day for the 24 days of December leading up to the birth of our Lord each manger will receive, in virgin turns, one of these free gifts. Mangers drawn at Bethlehem and each will only be drawn once yeaeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh?? There'll then be a PASSJAMS Santa on the 25th who gets special treatment but only if they dress up in a big frothy beard and red suit. The little '*' means the bonus has been allocated.

1st December : Chris Fraser receives 2 bonus passjams points. *

2nd December : Dave Paton's strikers score double points this weekend. *

3rd December : Simon Webb receives 5 passjams points. *

4th December : Warren Scott receives 3m on his budget. *

5th December : Malcolm Blick's goalkeeper scores double points this weekend. *

6th December : Gareth Harvey is allowed to take his squad to 18 players now, 3 weeks early. *

7th December : Andy Cheal receives 10m on his budget. *

8th December : Jason D'Arcy's whole midfield score double this week. *

9th December : Steve Jordan's worst individual points scorer this week is disregarded. *

10th December: Steve Ramsay's best individual points scorer this week is doubled. *

11th December: Paul Smith receives 3 passjams points and 2m. *

12th December: Ian Willets can purchase any player from the pool at 20% of list price immediately. *

13th December: Steve Gurnhill's centre backs score double this week. *

14th December: Steve Dyer receives 4 passjams points. *

15th December: Alan Hobbs can sell any players back to the pool for 100% cost for two weeks. *

16th December: Jon Brown's full backs score double this week. *

17th December: Steve Miller can buy up to 12 passjams points for 2m each, from current budget. Deadline EOY *

18th December: Shane Whitaker receives 7 passjams points. *

19th December: Chris Blomfield can sell 1 player back to the pool at 200% of cost. Deadline EOY *

20th December: Alex Buchanan may play ANY 11 players of his choice for the whole of January.

21st December: Paul Oxley can buy up to 10 passjams points for 1m each, from current budget. Deadline EOY *

22nd December: Giles West whole team score 1.5 times his total points this week (both sets of fixtures). *

23rd December: Janet Walker can play a 12th player of her choice (from own squad) for Jan 13th weekend.

24th December: Tony King can choose a guest player (in place of one of their own team) from any other squad for January (other squad does not lose player)

25th December: PASSJAMS Santa is Steven Arthur Jordan and can choose any of the above in addition to what they were drawn at random. Steve chose to buy Robbie Keane from the pool immediately, for 1.8m (20%).
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