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Main Points

1. All team names have to be clean.

2. Initial budget is 100 million. Further 20m 1st week in October. Further 20m 1/1/2004.

3. Squads MUST consist of the following -

1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders, 4 Midfielders & 2 Strikers MINIMUM.

4. Squad size is 14 maximum, rising to 16 1/1/2004

5. All team changes to PASSJAMS email to be timestamped at least 1 hour before the first Premiership game in the set of fixtures.

6. The ONLY team formation is 1-4-4-2. (GK-DF-M-S)

7. All scorers are taken from Soccernet, etc. In case of dispute PASSJAMS administrators rule - but wherever possible if it is 100% certain who scored the goal then it will be credited to that person, no matter what might be reported in any tabloid press.

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How to score points !

Goalkeeper -

A clean sheet will cancel out opponents FIRST goal only, if applicable.

All Players -

1 Premiership goal = 1 PASSJAMS goal

An Own Goal counts as a goal to the opposing team.

It really IS as simple as that.

Each of the teams play each other home and away. 3 LEAGUE points will be awarded for a fixture won, and 1 LEAGUE point for a draw.

Send all team changes, questions & offers of money to

PASSJAMS Email address

At the end of the Season <==== New funky rule

A team will be allowed to carry a maximum of TWO players into the new season provided that:

1. The player is not a goalkeeper
2. The two players are not from the same position (eg strikers)
3. The player was not carried over the season before
4. The player cost less than 75m

Transfers during Season

All players will be grouped in the player pool. Any bid for a player must be in denominations of 100,000 and must be for at least 500,000.

If you sell a player back to the pool you'll get 80% of the purchase price, rounded up to the nearest 100,000.

No transfers between clubs.

There will be approximately ONE transfer window a month, the dates for which will be published on the transfers page. Be careful to note the time the auction ends - it won't always be midnight. You can ONLY bid during the stated period. The Player Pool will only be up to date for these periods. All bids to PASSJAMS email with BID in the title.


As stated, we have a full fixture list where everyone plays each other home and away. If there are more than 5 Premier League games called off on a particular fixture set, then I will postpone those fixtures that week. Four postponements or less will result in the fixtures going ahead subject to the below.

Regardless, if there are still more than 5 PREMIERSHIP teams not taking part in a fixture set, I will look at each squad individually, and where that squad cannot field 8 players or more I will postpone the tie, at my discretion. For 6-a-side League Cup games, if any team is without 2 or more players (ie 33% of the team!) due to their Premiership team not playing, then that tie will be postponed.

Where a PREMIERSHIP game has been postponed but those Premier Teams are involved in a Cup Competition instead that week (eg FA Cup), those goals/clean sheets will qualify in PASSJAMS. If this is the case, only normal time (90 mins) from Cup games counts.

Any quirks around the above will be notified via email. ALL the above rules are there to try and make each fixture as fair to each side as is reasonably possible.

A note on TABLE positions

Hi. Table position is determined in the following order:

Auction Rules