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The manager of the month awards are again automatic. Whoever scores the most goals in a calendar month wins the Manager of the Month award. If there is a tie, then whoever was lowest in the table at the start of the month wins.

Prestige, is the only reward for MOM this season, although the manager of the season might get a mousemat from the PASSJAMS shop. The Manager of the Season is judged indepentantly.

Month WhoWhy
August Chris Fraser (Late Entry)10 goals and a job in CLS
September Michael Webb (Red XI)5 goals and better liked than Stevie J
October Warren Scott (Saintnever)4 goals. Hey, he has to win SOMEthing
November Andy Rosher (Jolly Butcher)6 goals. 0 wins/11 then 3 on bounce.
December Adrian Twyford (Morning Glory)8 goals, and not all from Berger
January Gareth Harvey (WMOB)7 goals - Warren will be so excited
February Jon Brown (Kleenex)10 goals - another different manager, and its not even fixed!
March Chris Blomfield (Worthing Originals)5 goals. Amazing
April Jon Brown (Kleenex)9 goals & erosion of SSJ's lead
May(be) Andy Rosher (Jolly Butcher)7 goals and a missed penalty :)
SeasonJon Brown (Kleenex)Thierry Henry

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