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This is the 4th year we have had European competition, where we join forces with qualifiers from the Banana FF. This years qualifiers are:

European Cup Qualifiers and the reasons why for
Deacon Chumps PASSJAMS League Winners
Wild Men of Borneo PASSJAMS League Runners-up
Full Head of Ging PASSJAMS League Cup Winners
Late Entry PASSJAMS League Qualifing place
Chronic Town PASSJAMS European Cup Winners
The Subway Army PASSJAMS Cartel Cup Winners
Redeployment XI PASSJAMS League Qualifying place
Griffs Groovers PASSJAMS League Qualifying place
NevilleDinho's (formerly Ni) BANANA League Winners
Il est Projectiles BANANA League Runners-Up
Aw Biscuit Arsed BANANA European Cup Runners Up
Burglin 'Em City BANANA Ming Cup Winners
Mungerville BANANA Whistling Canary Runners-Up
All Comers BANANA Highest Goalscorers
Bayberry Moon BANANA Bravo! Award - Fair Play
Hero's United BANANA Cried the most last year

All ties up to the final are aggregate of two legs. PASSJAMS Rules apply. Away goals count double in the event of a tie. If still level, then any cancelled out goals will be the decider. If STILL level after that, any clean sheets. And still level after that, then the earliest goal scored in the second leg will count. If it's 0-0 after two legs then whoever kept a clean sheet the longest. Toss of coin if still all equal..

Change of plan - The PASSJAMS European Cup Winner this year was drawn at random by an independently bribed non-member. The result can be seen below.

European Cup Final

Drawn at random on 10th February 2004 at PASSJAMS HQ
European Cup ONLY Round ONLY Leg, 10/02/04 (appear as drawn)
Bayberry Moon
Webb (7)
7 v 0 Rest of the League
So Bayberry Moon win the Cup. Played Webster