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And so it came to pass(jams), the twelve days of Christmas.

Starting from the 13th December, one manager will be drawn a gift as described below right up to and including Christmas Eve. One gift per person. Some of them are rubbish, but most of them are kewl. On Christmas Day we'll draw our PASSJAMS Santa for 2002 and this can be anyone even if they've already got a gift. PASSJAMS Santa is currently held by Stephen Arthur Jordan, since 2000 in fact as I completely forgot it was Christmas last year.

Obviously there are only 12 gifts plus the Santa - so 8 people could miss out.

1st day: 13th December: Andy Griffin receives 2m and alan partridge in a pear tree.

2nd day: 14th December: Jon Brown can play ANY 11 players (ie formation) from their squad for a fixture of their choice before EOY. 2 goalies? 4 strikers..ANY 11... Jon played an extra striker but it made no difference

3rd day: 15th December: Giles West can sell 3 french hens (players) back to the pool for 300% cost before EOY. Option declined

4th day: 16th December: Davor Paton gets a bye in the FF Cup first (prelim) round.

5th day: 17th December: Warren Scott can have 5 golden rings OR 5 million squid

6th day: 18th December: Shane Whitaker can borrow anyone's goalkeeper for a week of their choice before end of Jan (other squad does not lose him)

7th day: 19th December: Chris Blomfield can sell 1 player back to the pool at 200% of cost. Deadline EOY. Christopher chose to sell Jermaine Defoe back to the pool for 90m!

8th day: 20th December: Andy Cheal can play three strikers from own squad (dropping anyone else) on a week of his choice before end Jan

9th day: 21st December: Steve Jordan receives 9m , nine ladies dancing.

10th day: 22nd December: Jason D'Arcy can buy any player from the pool immediately for 1mJathon chose James Milner of Leeds United.

11th day: 23rd December: Anne "5-bellies" Buckley can play a 12th player of her choice (from own squad) for any fixture before end of Jan

12th day: 24th December: Steve Miller can choose a guest player (in place of one of their own team and keeping formation) from any other squad for January (other squad does not lose player). Steve chose Thierry Henry in place of Phillips

25th December: PASSJAMS Santa is Chris Fraser and can choose any of the above in addition to what they were drawn at random if so drawn. Frantic chose to play 3 up front against Deacon Chumps last week, but it made no difference...he still won though :)
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