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The manager of the month awards this year, are again automatic. Whoever scores the most goals in a calendar month wins the Manager of the Month award. If there is a tie, then whoever was lowest in the table at the start of the month wins.

Prestige, is the only reward for MOM this season, although the manager of the season might get a mousemat from the PASSJAMS shop. The Manager of the Season is judged indepentantly.

Month WhoWhy
September Jon Brown (Clean-ex FC)5 goal hero.
October Andy Cheal (The Subway Army)6 goals (& Cartel Cup finalist)
November Steve Dyer (No Combines)6 goals (and lower than Ox or Jon Brown)
December Anne Buckley (Morning Glory)8 goals and a bl..cough splutter
January Stephen Miller (Chronic Town)10 goals..cheating scum
February Andy Griffin (Griffs Groovers)6 goals and lower placed than Frantic, who also notched 6
March Gareth Harvey (Wild Men of Borneo)5 goals, and lower placed than Davor who also netted 5
April Jon Brown (Clean-ex FC)12 goals. 2nd time for Jon this season.
SeasonPaul Oxley, Deacon Chumps50 goals & Double winners.

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