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This is the 3rd year we have had European competition, where we join forces with qualifiers from the Banana FF. This years qualifiers are:

PASSJAMS Qualifiers from LEAGUE: Clean-ex FC, Chronic Town, Deacon Chumps, Come in No.9, Waa Lass Utd, England.

PASSJAMS Cartel Cup Winner: Worthing Originals

PASSJAMS League Cup Winner: The Subway Army

PASSJAMS FF-Cup Runner-up: [Already qualified]

BANANA Qualifiers from LEAGUE: FC Starfish Carpetmunchers, Mungerville, All Comers, Burgling Em City

BANANA European Chamionies: Bayberry Moon

BANANA Ming Cup Winners: Aw Biscuit Ersed

FAIR PLAY: Wild Men of Borneo

BIG BABY PLAY: Redeployment XI

All ties up to the final are aggregate of two legs. PASSJAMS Rules apply. Away goals count double in the event of a tie. If still level, then any cancelled out goals will be the decider. If STILL level after that, any clean sheets. And still level after that, then the earliest goal scored in the second leg will count. If it's 0-0 after two legs then whoever kept a clean sheet the longest. Toss of coin if still all equal..

Europe, Round 1. When I can be arsed

Drawn at random on 16th September 2002 at PASSJAMS HQ
European Cup 1st Round 1st Leg, 28/09/02 (appear as drawn)
Redeployment XI
0 v 1 Worthing Originals
Defoe 40
Aw Biscuit Arsed
0 v 3 Chronic Town
Owen 4
Owen 64
Owen 89
The Subway Army
Kanu 9
Kanu 86
2 v 1 Mungerville
Come On No.9
0 v 0 Waa Lass Utd
Giggs 83[Dudek]
Deacon Chumps
Henry 47
Geremi 55
Duff 76
3 v 1 Wild Men of Borneo
Scholes 54
FC Starfish Carpetmunchers
Duff 76
van Nistelrooy 90
2 v 1 Bayberry Moon
Hasselbaink 21 (pen)
Clean-ex FC
Kewell 84
1 v 2 All Comers
Giggs 83
Djorkaef 90
Solano 34
Zola 74
2 v 2 Burgling-em City
Di Canio 48
Di Canio 84

European Cup 1st Round 2nd Leg, 26/10/02
Worthing Originals
[1]0 v 0[0] Redeployment XI
Chronic Town
Clark 15
Owen 86 (pen)
[5]2 v 2[2] Aw Biscuit Arsed
Beattie 27 (pen)[R.Wright]
Beattie 42
Beattie 53
[1]0 v 2[4] The Subway Army
Bowyer 56
Robert 59
Waa Lass Utd
[0]0 v 0[0] Come On No.9
Wild Men of Borneo
[1]0 v 1[4] Deacon Chumps
Malbranque 25
Bayberry Moon
Hasselbaink 30
[2]1 v 1[3] FC Starfish Carpetmunchers
Gray 45
All Comers
Viduka 11 (pen)
[3]1 v 1[2] Clean-Ex Fc
Viduka 11 (pen)
Burgling-em City
Malbranque 25
[3]1 v 1[3] England
Le Saux 55

Europe, Round 2.

Drawn at random on 18th November 2002 at PASSJAMS HQ
European Cup 2nd Round 1st Leg, 23/11/02 (appear as drawn)
Chronic Town
0 v 0 Deacon Chumps
Geremi 84[R.Wright]
Burglin' Em City
Bernard 35
Di Canio 70
2 v 1 Worthing Originals
Hamman 62
Waa Lass Utd
Bellamy 75
1 v 1 All Comers
Rufus 78
The Subway Army
Robbie Keane 41
Di Canio 70
2 v 4 FC Starfish Carpetmunchers
Hendrie 29
van Nonutsrooy 38
van Kneestillsorey 45
van Cunt 53

European Cup 2nd Round 2nd Leg, 07/12/02 (appear as drawn)
Deacon Chumps
[0]0 v 0[0] Chronic Town
Worthing Originals
[1]0 v 0[2] Burglin' Em City
All Comers
Goater 87
[2]1 v 1[2] Waa Lass Utd
Okacha 8
FC Carpet Starmunchers
Short 90
[5]1 v 1[3] The Subway Army
Robbie Keane 30

Europe, Semi-Finals

Drawn at random on 6th January 2003 at PASSJAMS HQ
European Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg, 11/01/03 (appear as drawn)
Waa Lass Utd
Bellamy 9
1 v 2 Chronic Town
Owen 34
Watson 58
Burglin' Em City
Lauren 67
Jenas 81
2 v 1 FC Starfish Carpetmunchers
van Nistelrooy 8

European Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg, 01/02/03 (appear as drawn)
Chronic Town
Phillips 81 (pen)
[3]1 v 0[1] Waa Lass Utd
Giggs 22[R.Wright]
FC Carpet Starfishmunchers
van Cliterousrooy 15
[2]1 v 2[4] Burglin' Em Shitty
Malbranque 29
Phillips 81 (pen)

Europe, FINAL

European Cup Final 2nd Leg, 22/02/03 1 leg
Chronic Town
Phillips 56
Owen 77
2 v 1 Burglin Em City
Phillips 56
Not sure how he's done it cos his team is by and large pretty crap, but Miller has now retained The European Cup, beating the same opponent by the same score in the final in consecutive years. Not earth-shattering I agree, but funny as it's Ox. Well done then Miller. Hard cheese Paul.