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Once again we are to have a six-a-side tournament. Once again, you have to submit your team, and if you don't do it by the deadline I'll assume you don't want to enter. Your 6 players remain constant through the whole tournament, you cannot alter it once we start so choose carefully.

Here is this years format:

  • Choose 6 players consisiting of 1xGK, 1xDF, 2xM, 2xS.
  • Minimum 3 players MUST be from your current squad. 6 players CAN be.
  • Up to 3 players CAN be from outside your squad.
  • Choose a captain, who will score double goals.
  • Submit your team by midnight 28th February 2002 to
  • No Manchester Utd players allowed (shouldn't drop out of the FA Cup, should you, scum)
  • No Home Advantage.

Also this year the points scoring will be as follows in a sort of trial run for next year.

  • Any player scoring a goal will be credited with just that. A goal.
  • An own goal counts against the player & team. ie For the opponent.
  • A clean sheet for a goalkeeper will CANCEL out the first goal for an opponent.
Here's some example's for the David Beckham's amongst you.

No goals scored, one clean sheet for home team - 0-0 result.
Away team score 1 goal, home team keep clean sheet - 0-0 result.
Away team score 2 goals, home team keep clean sheet - 0-1 result.
Away team score 2 goals, no clean sheets - 0-2 result.
Home team score 1 goal and keep clean sheet, away team score 1 goal - 1-0 result.

So you get the point. A clean sheet is only useful if the other team has scored.

So anyway, 11 teams entered this year, and as its name doesn't suggest, The League Cup will be knockout this year. Purely cos I can't be arsed to do a mini mini mini-league. Since there were 11 entries, the last 6 teams to submit a team need to play off, the 3 winners of which will join the first 5 teams who entered. See below.

A draw equals a replay. 1 leg for all ties except final, which will be 83.

Here are the 11 teams in order of entry received:

TeamGoalieDefMid 1Mid 2Str 1Str 2
Late EntryGivenWeirLjundbergPoyetRickettsHenry(c)
No CombinesSchwarzerH'dessonMersonMalbranqueHenryH'Baink(c)
Deacon GingCudiciniDabizasMalbranqueLegwinskiH'Baink(c)Shearer
Wild ThingWalkerHarteBowyerPoyetOwen(c)Shearer
Westerlo FCCudiciniSouthgatePiresJ.ColeHenry(c)Owen
Chronic T.SullivanHarteLjundbergRobertHenryShearer(c)
Strange C.JamesZiegeGerrardMurphyFowler(c)Owen

League Cup 1st Round (Preliminary) 2nd Mar 2002
0 v 0 Princess Pennis
Strange Currencies
0 v 1 Griffs Groovers
Chronic Town
0 v 1 Saintneverhappened

League Cup 1st Round (Preliminary) Replay 5th Mar 2002
Princess Pennis
0 v 1 Westerlo

League Cup 1st Round Proper Mar 16th 2002
Deacon Chumps
Malbranque[Cudicini], Shearer
1 v 1 Westerlo FC
Southgate[Cudicini], Pires
Redeployment XI
0 v 5 Griffs Groovers
Fowler (4), Jansen
No Combines
1 v 1 Wild Thing
0 v 0 Late Entry

League Cup 1st Round Proper Replays Mar 23rd 2002
Westerlo FC
1 v 0 Deacon Chumps
Wild Thing
0 v 0 No Combines
Late Entry
0 v 1 Saintneverhappened

League Cup 1st Round Proper 2nd Replay Mar 30th 2002
No Combines
0 v 5 Wild Thing
Harte, Bowyer, Shearer, Owen (2)

League Cup Semi-Finals Apr 6th 2002
Wild Thing
0 v 0 Griffs Groovers
0 v 0 Westerlo FC

League Cup Semi-Final Replays Apr 13th 2002
Griffs Groovers
0 v 1 Wild Thing
Owen[Cudicini], Owen
Westerlo FC
0 v 0 Saintneverhappened

League Cup Semi-Final Second Replay Apr 20th 2002
0 v 2 Westerlo FC
Owen 2

League Cup Final Apr 27th 2002
Wild Thing
Poyet[Cudicini], Bowyer, Shearer
2 v 0 Westerlo FC

So Andy wins the League Cup and qualifies for Europe. Hooray.

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