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Main Points

1. All team names have to be clean, Ox.

2. Initial budget is 65 million. Further 7.5m 1st week in October. Further 5m 1/1/2001.

3. Squads MUST consist of the following -

1 Goalkeeper, 2 Full Backs, 2 Centre Backs, 4 Midfielders & 2 Strikers MINIMUM.

Your formation can add an extra defender in place of a striker or a midfielder

OR you can add a 5th midfielder at the expense of any defender or striker.

SO you can play 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 5-4-1, 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 ONLY.

4. Initial Squad size is 15 maximum, rising to 18 in the New Year.

5. All team changes to to be datestamped on or before the Friday before the weekends fixtures.

6. You can only change your team once a week, changes are effected for Sat through Friday inclusive.

7. All points are taken from Match of the Day, soccernet, etc. In case of dispute PASSJAMS administrators rule.

8. Oh and if you have any of the Man Utd defence and they concede goals you lose points regardless of whether they're in the team or not. Serves you right.

Back home: We know a song about that

How to score points !


Qualification for below is 1 second on pitch.

Manager of Month gets 5 points - highest points aggregate in month wins the Manager of the Month award (excluding any previous MOM points)

Goalkeeper -

6 points for a clean sheet
0 points for 1 goal against
-2 points for every goal conceded after that
10 points for a goal scored!

Defenders -

3 points for a clean sheet
0 points for 1 goal conceded
-1 point for every goal conceded after that
4 points for a goal scored

Midfielders -

1 point for a clean sheet
3 points for a goal scored

Strikers -

3 points for a goal scored

Examples -

A player affiliated to Chelsea loses 4-0
a goalkeeper would score -6,
a defender would score -3
a midfielder would score 0

A player affiliated to Liverpool wins 1-0
a goalkeeper would score +6, or 16 if he scored!
a defender would score +3, or +7 if he was also the goalscorer
a midfileder would score +1, or +4 if he were the goalscorer.
a striker would score 0, or +3 if he were the goalscorer.

Send all team changes, questions & offers of money to


All players will be grouped in the player pool, with an associated price. Any bid for a player must be in denominations of 100,000 and must be for at least 20% of the published price for that player. See closed bids, below.

If you sell a player back to the pool you'll get 50% of the purchase price, rounded up to the nearest 100,000.

Transfers can take place between clubs provided any combined package is at least 50% of the deal coming the other way. For example you cannot swap a 2m published price player with a 10m published price player (you'd have to supplement it with cash or another player) but you can swap a 5m player with a 10m player.

Closed Bids

When you want to bid for a player you send an e-mail to In the subject title just put "Closed Bid for A.Player" and only in the body of the e-mail should you put the amount bid. This is so the administrators do not gain an advantage (you have to trust us here, but random inspections do take place). Once notified, the closed bid will be posted on the transfers page and everyone else will then have one week to counter the bid. Highest bidder wins, in the event of a tie then the first bidder gets the player.

Auction Rules