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The manager of the month awards this year, are automatic following the complete breakdown of the voting system. Whoever gains the most points in a calendar month wins the Manager of the Month award. If there is a tie, cup form will play a part. If this still doesn't settle it then it's a fight in the clatunga.

It's 5 bonus points to the Manager of the Month for each Division.

Month WhoWhy
SeptemberPrem: Chris Blomfield
Div 1: Steve Gurnhill
32 points sorry lads
37 points and just to annoy Warren
October Prem: Janet Walker
Div 1: Alex Buchanan
46 points
49 points unlucky Giles
November Prem: Paul Smith
Div 1: Anthony King
45 points (up yours JD)
43 points incredibly
December Prem: Chris Fraser
Div 1: Shane Whitaker
46 points Oh, Bugger
57 points
January Prem: Simon Webb
Div 1: Jon Brown
54 points First Time Winner
61 points A record?
February Prem: Simon Webb
Div 1: Warren Scott
39 points Anyone would think I fix this
32 points Will we ever hear the end?
March Prem: Steve Miller
Div 1: Steve Jordan
39 points
37 points Well done Arthur Arthur
April Prem: Steve Miller
Div 1: Jon Brown
46 points Blimey
30 points Blimey
SeasonAlex Buchanan293 points

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