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Once again we are to have a six-a-side tournament. Once again, you have to submit your team, and if you don't do it by the deadline I'll assume you don't want to enter. Your 6 players remain constant through the whole tournament, you cannot alter it once we start so choose carefully.

Here is this years format:

  • Choose 6 players consisiting of 1xGK, 1xFB, 1xCB, 2xM, 1xS.
  • 4 players must be from your current squad.
  • 2 players MUST be from outside your squad.
  • Choose a captain, who will score double points.
  • Submit your team by midnight 28th February 2001 to
  • NONE of your players may be from Man Utd (they chose not to take part this year).

The 28th has arrived then, and all teams that bothered to enter are listed below.

The format this year will be on that awful quiz show "The Weakest Link" format. The lowest points scorer from each group below (which is listed as the entries came in) each week will be determined the weakest link, goodbye. This will go on until there is just one team left in each group, who will in effect contest the final.

Should there be a tie, then both teams will drop out unless this is the final round in which case the team with the least points from their own players (ie, not guests) will drop out. Failing that, a reply will take place.

Teams entered, half the managers then :

Group A

Deacon ChimpClean Ox, FCEmma Roy's SaintshiteusChronic TownDouble Sack
Paul OxleyJon BrownG.Harvey Warren ScottSteve MillerJay Deacon

Group B

Fake SpasticNo CombinesLightning 5705 Late EntryWesterloo FCWorthless Orig
Simon WebbSteve DyerAndy Cheal Chris FraserGiles WestChris Blomfield

(g)=guest (c)=captain


3/3/01   Group A        Points    Group B       Points
         Deacon Chimp     11      Fake Spastic    -6
         Clean Ox, FC      4      No Combines      8    
         Emma Roy's       -1      Lightning 5705  -2   
         Saintshiteus     13      Late Entry      -2    
         Chronic Town      1      Westerloo FC    -1     
         Double Sacked    10      Worthless O.     9     

Fake Spastic, Emma Roys, you ARE The Weakest Links: GOODBYE.

17/3/01  Group A        Points    Group B       Points
         Deacon Chimp      3      Lightning 5705   3
         Clean Ox, FC     -3      No Combines     -2    
         Saintshiteus     17      Late Entry       6    
         Chronic Town      6      Westerloo FC    16     
         Double Sacked     3      Worthless O.    -3    

Clean Ox FC, Worthless Originals, you ARE The Weakest Links, CHEERIO.

31/3/01  Group A        Points    Group B       Points
         Deacon Chimp      7      Lightning 5705  19
         Double Sacked    14      No Combines     11    
         Saintshiteus     -7      Late Entry       7    
         Chronic Town     14      Westerloo FC     3     

SaintSheteis, Westerlo Fc, you ARE the weakest link(s),  BYE BYE BYE BYE, BYE BYE BYE BYE

14/4/01  Group A        Points    Group B       Points
         Deacon Chimp      2      Lightning 5705  -8
         Double Sacked    -8      No Combines      9    
         Chronic Town     -4      Late Entry      -4    

Double Sacked, Lightning, you ARE the weakest links. Goodbye.

28/4/01  Group A        Points    Group B       Points
         Deacon Chimp      1      No Combines      9*
         Chronic Town     14      Late Entry       9    

Deacon, Combine, you are the weakest link(s): Goodbye.
*Combines eliminated as they have the least points from their own players (ie not guests)

5/5/01 THE GRAND DAY OUT Group A        Points    Group B       Points  

                         Chronic Town     13      Late Entry       0    

And so, Miller IS the strongest link. God only knows how; I'm blaming Anne Robinson.

Oh yeah: well done Miller. etc.

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