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The 2000/1 FF Cup (Echo) starts November 11th. For the rules see below.


This year the FF Cup takes on FA Cup protocol. The first round consists of the
bottom 8 teams from Division One at the end of Week 11, competing for 4 places
in round 2. In Round 2 the top 4 teams from Division one will be randomly drawn
(at PASSJAMS HQ) against the qualilfier's from Round 1. The 4 teams who progress
through Round 2 will be joined in Round 3 by all 12 of the Premier sides. Just like
the FA CUP, see. Well, almost. 

Straight knockout - in the event of a tie a replay will take place.

Round One then, to be played 11th November 2000

ITCMO Environment (TK) 22 v 13  Wam Bam Boom (MB)
Saintnogood (WS)        2 v  2  Emma Reginalds Ravers (GH)
Waa Lass Utd (SWh)      1 v  7  Clean, Ox ha ha (JB)
Slopey Steven XI (SJ)   0 v  2  No Combined Harvesters (SD)

Round One REPLAY, to be played 18th November 2000

Emma Rays Ravers (GH)   6  v 13 Saintnogood (WS)

Round Two, to be played 25th November 2000

Drawn at random from the 4 top teams in Div 1 and the 4 qualifiers
from Round One above, at PASSJAMS HQ on 23rd Nov 2000.

ITCMO Environment (TK)   -3  v  4   No Combine's (SD)
Ecky's Aces (AB)         17  v  9   Hobson's Heroes (AH)
Revamped Luton Town (SG) -5  v  5   Westerlo FC (GW)
Saintnogood (WS)          4  v  6   Clean Ox, FC (JB)

Round Three, to be played 9th December 2000

Drawn at random from the 4 qualifiers from Round Two
and all the PASSJAMS Premier League Teams.

Lightning 505 (AC)           -3  v  20      No Combines (SD)
You're (Dubble) Sacked (JD)   4  v   9      Chronic Town (SM)
Sweaty Socks III (SR)        19  v  -1      Full Head of Ging (DP)
Clean Ox, FC (JB)             0  v   6      Ecky's Arses (AB)
Late Entry (CF)              -1  v   0      Deacon Chimps (PO)
Fake Plastic Tries (SW)       0  v -11      Return of the Whinging Hinnys (JW)
Golfer's Plastique (PS)      -6  v   5      Westerlo FC (GW)
Worthing Originals (CB)       2  v  19      The Driver Jester's (IW)

Quarter Finals, played 20th January 2001

Drawn at random from the 8 qualifiers from Round Three.

Fake Plastic Tries (SW)   12    v   12     Sweaty Socks III (SR)
The Driver Jester's (IW)   6    v   15     Ecky's Arses (AB)
Deacon Chimps (PO)         0    v    5     No Combines (SD)
Westerlo FC (GW)          10    v   -1     Chronic Town (SM)
Quarter Final Replay, played 31st January 2001
Sweaty Socks III (SR)   0    v   4     Fake Plastic Tries (SW)
Semi Finals, to be played 3rd February 2001

Drawn at random at PASSJAMS HQ on 1st Feb 2001.

Ecky's Arses (AB)   16   v    6     Westerlo FC (GW) 
No Combines (SD)    -1   v   19     Fake Plastic Tries (SW)

Final played 17th March 2001

Ecky's Aces (AB)  4  v   7  Fake Plastic Trees (SW)

Er, sorry about that.

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