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This is the first year we have had European competition, and now I've made the rules up. Four teams from last season qualified, namely Deacon Chumps (Ox), You're Double Sacked, nee Aston Miller (JD), Fake Plastic Trees, nee Falls to Climb (Simon) and Lightning 505, nee Costermongers (Andy). These four teams will be going head to head with the top four finishers in last seasons Large Banana League. These were Bayberry Moon (Simon!), Coming up Trumps (Captain Trumper), Boatilam FC (Hobster) and Ni (Ferris).

All ties up to the final are aggregate of two legs. PASSJAMS Rules apply. Away goals count double in the event of a tie. Penalty shoot out if still square.

Europe, Round 1 First Leg. 14th October 2000.

Drawn at random at PASSJAMES HQ on 10th August 2000. 
Notice I've been drawn against myself. It's a fix!

Deacon Chumps (PO)       7  v   6     You're Double Sacked (JD)
Ni            (AF)      10  v  10     Coming Up Trumps (CT)
Fake Plastic Trees (SW)  5  v   6     Bayberry Moon (SW)
Lightning 505 (AC)      13  v   2     Boatliam FC (AH)

Europe, Round 1 Second Leg. 21st October 2000.
You're Double Sacked (JD)  (13)  7  v  14 (21)   Deacon Chumps (PO)
Coming Up Trumps (CT)      (15)  5  v   2 (12)   Ni (AF)
Bayberry Moon (SW)         (19) 13  v   7 (12)   Fake Plastic Trees (SW)
Boatliam FC (AH)            (7)  5  v  11 (24)   Lightning 505 (AC)

Europe, Semi-Final First Leg. to be played 28th October 2000.
Drawn at random at PASSJAMES HQ on 26th August 2000. 

Bayberry Moon (SW)     2   v   13   Deacon Chumps (PO)
Lightning 505 (AC)    11   v   12   Coming Up Trumps (CT)

Europe, Semi-Final Second Leg, played 4th November 2000.

Deacon Chumps (PO)     (13)  0  v  2  (4)    Bayberry Moon (SW)
Coming Up Trumps (CT)  (23) 11  v  1 (12)    Lightning 505 (AC)

European Cup Final first leg, to be played 11th November 2000.

Deacon Chumps (PO)     0   v   6       Coming Up Trumps (CT)

European Cup Final second leg, to be played 18th November 2000.

Coming Up Trumps (CT) (20)14  v  0(0)      Deacon Chumps (PO) 

So Captain Trumper from the Large Banana wins Europe without a goalkeeper.