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The 2000 Cartel Cup. It's free for everyone. To refresh on the
history have a click on the gleaming trophy.


  • Straight knockout.
  • Home team starts on ONE point.
  • Each team scores as many points as they did for the appropriate weekend
    games (Sat-Mon).
  • In the event of even scores, away team progress. Cheers Ox.
Round One

The 4 teams in Europe all get a bye (like the Worthy Cup). They are;

Deacon Chumps (PO)
You're Double Sacked (JD)
Fake Plastic Trees (SW)
Lightning 505 (AC)

The remaining 20 teams were drawn at random at PASSJAMS HQ on the 23rd August 2000. The 10 winners plus the two best losers join the four teams above in Round Two

Round 1 Draw, ties played 9-11th September

TEAM NAME progress

Chronic Town (SM)         6 v  5   Westerlo FC (GW)
Emma Rays Rovers (GH)     0 v 13   Sloppy Steven XI (SSJ)
Return Singing Hinnys (JW)9 v -1   ITCMOE (TK)
No Combine Harvesters(SD) 6 v  8   Late Entry (CF)
Revamped Luton Town (SG)  8 v 11   Ecky's Ace's (AB)
Worthing Originals (CB)   9 v 14   Sweaty Socks III (SR)
Wam Bam Boom FC (MB)      5 v 12   Golfer's Plastique (PS)
Saintnogood (WS)         10 v  4   Full Head of Ging (DP)
The Driver Jesters (IW)   5 v  5   Waa Lass Utd (SWh)
Clean Ox, FC (JB)        16 v  9   Hobsons Heroes (AH)

The Driver Jester's/Westerlo FC qualify as best loser's.

Round 2 Draw, ties played 16-19th September

Draw took place at PASSJAMS headquarters on 12th September.

Fake Plastic Trees (SW)     1  v   5   Waa Lass Utd (SWh)
Clean Ox FC (JB)            2  v  -1   Lightning 505 (AC)
Golfers Plastique (PS)     12  v  17   Saintnogood (WS)
Westerlo FC (GW)           11  v  -2   Late Entry (CF)
Deacon Chumps (PO)          3  v   3   The Driver Jesters (IW)
Sloppy Steven XI (SSJ)      1  v   1   Return of the Singing Hinnys (JW)
You're (double) Sacked (JD) 8  v  -3   Sweaty Socks III (SR)
Chronic Town (SM)           4  v   6   Ecky's Aces (AB)

Quarter-Final Draw, ties played 23/24th September

Draw took place at PASSJAMS headquarters on 19th September.

Saintnogood (WS)            11  v  -3  Clean Ox FC (JB)
You're (double) Sacked (JD)  1  v   2  Return of the Singing Hinnys (JW)
Westerlo FC (GW)             8  v   3  Ecky's Aces (AB)
The Driver Jesters (IW)     -1  v   1  Waa Lass Utd (SWh)

Draw for the semi-final will take place on Thursday.
Semi-Final Draw, ties played 30th September/1st October

Draw took place at PASSJAMS headquarters on 28th September, as promised.

Saintnogood (WS)          0  v  12  Return of the Singing Hinnys(JW)
Westerlo FC (GW)         24  v   5  Waa Lass United (SWh)

And yes, I've taken the background off.
Final, played 14-16th October 2000

No home advantage for the final, there'll be a reply in the event of a tie.

Westerlo FC (GW)       12    v   6   Return of the Singing Hinnys(JW)

And so there we have it, Giles West wins The Cartel Cup, in his 
debut season and after qualifying as a best loser. Jammy sod. 
I mean congratulations, Giles. I'll put the trophy on the ET Van.


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